Master 512
Getting Started

What's all the fuss about, the uninitiated might be heard saying, it looks just like any other Beeb to me!

Well, that's part of the problem. I've heard tell that a good number of Master 512s were only ever used as standard Master 128s without the delights of the 80186 co-processor and DOS Plus ever being tried out!

So, one of the ideas behind this section is to put an end to all that and give the BBC Master 512 a thorough going over.

How, then, do we tell if our Master 128 is in fact a Master 512?

The first tell-tale sign is the dinky little two-button mouse which comes with the Master 512. It's heavy and sluggish, but chunkily loveable!

Apart from that, there aren't any outward signs that your 128 is a 512, so we'll have to take the lid off, or switch it on!

Before we get down to unravelling the mystery a bit, I know you're dying to know what the modern-looking thing is, underneath the monitor. This is my DVD Recorder, a real marvel at letting me capture super quality screenshots from my Beebs. It accepts the composite video signal from the BBC from which I can then extract a still image from the recorded video footage.

Also seen here are the four Master 512 system discs, each set having a unique serial number, and a double disc drive which is highly recommended for efficient Master 512 operation.