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Website NameWebmasterWhy It's Here
8 Bit SoftwareChris RichardsonOne of the most comprehensive BBC Micro websites anywhere. Hundreds of disc images of downloads, spares, help, pictures, everything.

8BS returned to life in April 2010 after four-and-a-half years! If you haven't been back to 8BS yet, go now!
The BBC LivesRobert SchmidtA very big site containing just about every ROM image ever issued for the BBC as well as tons of games and scans of manuals.
The Stairway to HellDave MA site dedicated to BBC and Electron games with lots and lots of downloads of practically every game ever written for the 8 bit Acorns.

The Stairway has a great forum of Beeb and Acorn enthusiasts which I have inhabited since August 2009.
Nelson ITAndy NelsonSome very handy advice about Econet from a man who knows a lot about it!
Paul Fellows HomepagePaul FellowsA webpage maintained by a gentleman who actually used to work at Acorn in real life in the 1980s!!!! And some free 32-bit downloads as well!

After years of not knowing where Paul's website lived, I was very kindly sent the link in June 2013, although there doesn't appear to be anything much related to Acorn any longer; there's plenty on fast cars but not fast reduced instruction set processors!
Classic AcornRichard HallA site full of useful advice about fixing and cleaning up Beebs and Archimedes with lots of super pictures and information.
Michael Foot's HomepageMichael FootA nostalgic look back at the old Beeb from a gentleman in New Zealand
Tekinfo Home ComputersPhil BlytheLots of very detailed information on how to fix broken Beebs. If it doesn't work, look here!

N.B. Not working when tested May 2010
BBC Documentation ProjectMark UsherThe official site of the BBC Documentation Project, dedicated to releasing all those rare out-of-print Acorn manuals into the public domain as scanned images or formatted text documents.
Econet Enthusiasts' AreaRichard MurrayLots of information about different Econet components and file servers, recently updated after a number of dormant years. I would never in all my life have got my FileStore to work without this website!
CJE MicrosChris EvansAlmost certainly the only shop left in the entire universe still dedicated to selling Acorn 8 bit and 32 bit gear. So, if you've been wondering just where I acquired that Domesday SCSI adapter or SJ Research Econet Bridge or Acorn A4 Econet module or American Econet clock then I recommend that you visit this website now!
MDFS.netJ.G. HarstonA comprehensive site on an incalculable number of BBC and Acorn topics, maintained by BBC guru Jonathan Harston.
Retroclinic.comMark HaysmanRetroclinic supplies modern add-ons for your Beeb as well as refurbished models and all manner of spares and replacement parts. If you want it and I haven't got it, and you can't afford one from CJE Micros then Retroclinic is bound to have it!
Retro KitPaul VernonA site about miscellaneous topics related to 8-bit and 32-bit Acorns, with a very handy decoder for floppy-drive-light-flash morse code messages which broken RISC-OS machines display!
Chris's AcornsChris WhyteheadChris is an enthusiastic collector of Acorns of every possible type, with an extensive collection of 8-bit and 32-bit Acorn machines and add-ons, under the collective name of Chris's Acorns
2 Source LtdAndy ConneranA super company who supply me with all my "modern" computer needs. Check them out if you need anything "computery"
StatCounterAodhan CullenA totally free web counter service giving you loads of information about who is using your site with a completely user-definable counter.

If you would like your website to be included in my list of links, please contact me here.


Since BeebMaster began in May 2003, and even before then, many people have given me so much help not only with my website but with my Beebs and Econet as well and some of those people deserve a mention here.

Chris Richardson, for selling me half the stuff on my website and for his positive feedback in the early days.

Andy Nelson, for getting me going with my first ever Econet clock and his extremely valuable advice on starting an Econet before I had any second processors, socket boxes, leads or software.

Paul Fellows, for working at the greatest computer company of them all in the 1980s and luring me into Level 4 Econet twenty years later.

Richard Hall, for his support and feedback on BeebMaster and his encyclopaedic knowledge of all things Beeb.

Andy Conneran, for getting his old Beeb out of the shed and starting the whole thing off, and for bringing me into the modern world with a super new machine

Karl Linley, for sorting me out with a domain name and webspace and e-mail and for fixing everything I break within about five minutes.

Michael Foot, for helping me to fix one of my most troublesome Beebs.

Chris Hawksworth, for getting me hooked on the Beebs in the first place in 1991 and for lending me his A3000 so I could get into 32-bit Econet, and for donating his A5000 to the BeebMaster collection.

Andrew at CJE Micros, for selling me tons of things I need and for still knowing exactly how they work.

Many of these fine people have links above and I hope that you will take a look at them.

Special Domesday Thanks

Special thanks are due to the individuals below, without whom all my Domesday kit would have been thrown out by now:

Richard Kilpatrick, Dean Hutchinson, Stephen Neal, Paul Jagger, David May, Adrian at Binary Dinosaurs, Zyra, and Richard Hall.

Domesday 20th anniversary special thanks are due to Richard Gellman for a vast amount of help and advice on many aspects of the Domesday System.

Updated 1st September 2013
Links checked 1st September 2013 - not all working