Welcome to BeebHelp!

This section will be an online help and information reference for BBC computer users. I intend that it will cover such topics as simple repairs and programming in BASIC and 6502 assembler. As more help topics become available, they will appear here.

For help with starting or using an Econet, please go to I Want an Econet!

Current topics:

Working with Hexadecimal
Working with Binary
Colour Composite Video Output
Formatting ST-506 Winchester Discs
Acorn Serial Numbers
Powering the Acorn Atom
Formatting a disc on the BBC Model B
Fitting a BBC Model B Disc Upgrade
Random Errors and Squiggles
This is not a language
6502 Speed Tests
Configuring a BBC Model B
All about the BBC Model B
All about the Master Series
All about Second Processors
All about the Acorn Cheese Wedges

If you need help about something not listed above, or to suggest a new help topic, please contact me here.