BeebMaster - BeebShop - 8271 Disc Upgrade Kits for BBC Model B

8271 Disc Interface Upgrade Kit for BBC Micro

Each kit contains:

Genuine Ceramic new-old-stock Intel 8271 Floppy Disc Controller
2 x 7438
2 x 74LS393
2 x CD4013B
DNFS 1.20 chip

The microchips are supplied in a handy reusable box and the kit comes with full fitting instructions.

NO SOLDERING is required to an Issue 4 or Issue 7 BBC Model B. All you do is plug the chips into the sockets provided on the PCB, move seven links and cut one further link.

For issues 1, 2 and 3 a slight modification is required which involves soldering and needs a short bit of insulated wire which I will supply if needed - please specify when ordering.

This upgrade kit is not intended for the BBC Model B+ but I will adapt a kit for use on the B+ if anybody needs one.

This is a link to a PDF version of my printed fitting instructions for you to check out before buying if you want to know exactly what you are letting yourself in for!

BeebMaster Disc Upgrade Fitting Instructions

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