Econet Socket Hub

The 6-Station Econet Socket Hub is an updated version of the Econet Socket Box of old, allowing connection of up to 6 Econet Stations per Hub, and easy expandability by linking the Hubs together using the remaining two expansion sockets, which may be further DIN sockets or RJ45 sockets.

The Hubs are designed and manufactured by Ken Lowe, and assembled and supplied by BeebMaster.

Please click on the picture links above to learn more about this exciting new Econet development for 2020!

Here is a picture set showing the making of the first batch in June 2020.

This is a set showing suggested connection layouts for the Hub, Clock and Terminators:

Econet Socket Hub Layouts

The information and installation guide can be found here: Econet Socket Hub and Terminator Installation Guide

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