Econet Terminators

Econet Terminators are a small PCB with terminating components fitted and a socket for connecting to either end of an Econet network made up of Econet Socket Hubs or other outlets by using a DIN or RJ45 lead.

The Hubs are designed and manufactured by Ken Lowe, and assembled and supplied by BeebMaster.

Two types of Econet Terminator PCB are avialable - one with surface-mount terminating resistors and capacitor, added at the time of manufacture, and a traditional-style through-hole variety. Either type of Terminator board can be fitted with a DIN socket or an RJ45 socket.

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This is a set showing suggested connection layouts for the Terminators, Hub and Clock:

Econet Socket Hub Layouts

The information and installation guide can be found here: Econet Socket Hub and Terminator Installation Guide

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