Master Econet Module

The Master Econet Module is designed by Ken Lowe, closely based on the original Acorn Econet Module and the previous BeebMaster module. The boards have been hand assembled by BeebMaster and contain sockets for all of the ICs and standard length pin headers on the underside. The Master Econet Module can be used in Master Series machines, including the Master Compact, with the addition of an ANFS ROM to the machine, and in Archimedes A305, A310, A410, A420, A440, A540, Acorn A3000, A3020, A4000 and A5000 machines, as well as the FileStore E01 and E01S main units. It may also be suitable for applications which can take a standard Econet module as part of an add-on board, such as an Econet Module Podule for the RISC PC or A7000.

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