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Econet Upgrade Kit for BBC Micro

Each kit contains:

8 ICs including the 68B54 Advanced Data Link Controller
DNFS 1.20 chip containing NFS 3.60 and DFS 1.20
7 x DIL IC sockets
1 x 5-pin DIN socket
1 x strip of 2x8 jumper pins
7 jumpers
3 capacitors
1 x resistor pack
20 x resistors
1 x Econet station lead

As an optional extra for a small surcharge, a 16K ANFS 4.18 chip can be supplied providing enhanced network facilities in the ROM - please specify using the options above when ordering.

The microchips are supplied in a handy reusable box and the other components are packaged together with the sets of resistors marked for identification purposes. The 3 capacitors are each different values and should be easily identified from their markings - but please let me know if unsure!

The Econet Upgrade contains over 40 components in total, all needing to be soldered to your BBC Model B motherboard. The upgrade should only be attempted by competent solderers!

The kit comes with a 4-page A5 size printed fitting instructions booklet with a double-sided A4 insert sheet containing two location diagrams.

As well as my own printed instructions, the following online resources are available to help you, or for you to check out before buying if you want to know exactly what you are letting yourself in for!

BeebMaster Econet Upgrade Kit Fitting Instructions

BeebMaster Econet Upgrade Kit Component Location Insert Sheets

Official Acorn Econet Service Centre Upgrade Kitting Instructions

High-Resolution Pictures and Explanatory Notes showing additional modifications required to Issue 2 (and 3) boards

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