BeebMaster - Beeb Inventory


Below is a catalogue of my Beeb gear, more or less correct as at 1st May 2006. I have had to employ a certain amount of guesswork as some items are inaccessible but it's a fair indicator of just what I've got:

BBC Master 12813
BBC Master 5122
BBC Master Turbo2
BBC Master ET1
BBC Master AIV1
BBC Model B14
BBC Model B+3
BBC Master Compact2
Acorn Atom4
Acorn Electron2
Electron Plus 11
SJ Research MDFS4
FileStore E011
FileStore E01S2
FileStore E201
FileStore E40S1
Acorn Winchester Disc1
Technomatic Winchester Disc1
ST 506 Winchester Disc drive16
Acorn A3051
Acorn A410/11
Acorn A420/11
Acorn A30001
Acorn A40002
Acorn A30101
Acorn A30201
Acorn A42
Acorn Network Computer1
Acorn Reuters Board2
Concept Keyboard2
ARM 7 Co-processor2
6502 Cheese Wedge5
Teletext Adapter3
IEEE488 Adapter4
Z80 Cheese Wedge1
Prestel Adapter2
Torch Z801
Opus Challenger1
Morley Teletext Adapter1
Acorn Econet Bridge2
SJ Research Econet Bridge3
SJ Research BEN1
Acorn Level I Clock1
Acorn Level III Clock3
Acorn US Clock6
SJ Research Clock3
Acorn Level III RTC3
Acorn Level I Terminator4
Acorn US Terminator3
5" floppy drive10
Double 5" floppy8
3"/5" floppy2
3" floppy5
Cub Monitor5
Other Monitor7
EPROM Programmer3
EPROM Eraser2
Econet Module90
Laserdisc Player3
A3020/A4000 Econet Kit10
SJ Research Nexus Sharer1