BeebMaster - PhotoBank

BeebMaster PhotoBank

The PhotoBank is the name I give to the stack of images I have built up for future updates. Even when I'm not sitting in front of the P.C. churning out pages of new HTML, I'm at it with the old Canon EOS taking new piccies for future!

So much so, in fact, that over the last few years, the stock of new pictures has rapidly outstripped the rate of updates. The information in this section gives a flavour of how many images I have in reserve for more updates in the months to come!

I select the best pictures taken by the camera, crop them and sort them into picture sets. In some cases, the source material for the picture set is a DVD recording instead of a set of camera photographs.

The table below shows the number of sets, total images and total file size of all the images in the PhotoBank broken down by month.

MonthNumber of ImagesNumber of SetsTotal File Size
January 201318116109,145,957
February 201351717115,137,315
March 20136791743,506,539
April 201316223,513,093
May 20132206144,265,263
July 2013845141,985,375
August 201372433,095,532
September 2013210752,984,921
November 20132214,621,797
December 2013274343,127,785
January 2014387529,974,238
February 20142461179,031,144
March 2014328846,885,584
April 20149917,467,399
May 201452558,030,950
June 20145213,811,608
August 201422511140,767,598
September 20148326,249,731
October 20141383168,887,363
November 2014718,722,998
December 201427119,065,356
January 2015121510,655,318
February 20156851793,578,766
March 2015158264,009,554
April 20154522,763,555
May 20151525113,271,905
June 201520425,976,254
September 201552176,423,524
November 201541245,860,795
December 201562418,992,006
January 201611119,405,675
February 201620135,954,478
March 20162474303,173,297
April 201632425130,292,570
May 201660326261,223,951
June 2016165741,369,841
July 201611275,670,743
August 201613112,744,092
October 2016213968,228,461
November 2016115562,260,453
December 20162091075,283,430
February 201732454,547,027
March 201786124,591,887
April 201769775,585,945
May 2017553472,644,395
June 201723816122,536,374
August 201719321,956,088
October 2017115756,117,950
November 2017121448,755,908
December 201710115,684,857
January 20182701769,560,973
June 20182061344,647,483
July 20182751567,872,319
August 2018819,359,650
September 2018815,241,460
October 20182031466,968,295
November 201854318,694,186

I've also categorised all the picture sets, to give you a bit of a flavour of the subject matter:

CategoryNo of SetsNo of PicturesTotal File Size
32 bit621451698,833,256
8 bit27455479,681,734
Cheese Wedges000
D Moore23572190,554,321
Hard Drives461206241,424,956
Master 5121431,371,941
Midwich DFS1559038,538,044
Second Processors924175,404,753

Updated 1st January 2019

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