BeebMaster - BeebWants


BeebMaster is actively seeking examples of the following items:

65C102 Co-Processor
80816 Co-Processor with 1MB Upgrade
Acorn Cambridge Co-Processor (32016)
Acorn ARM Evaluation System Second Processor
Acorn A500 Second Processor
BBC Master Econet Terminal
Acorn FileStore E60S
Acorn Winchester Disc 10MB
Acorn Winchester Disc 20MB
Acorn Atom Econet Interface
Barson Computers Electron Econet Interface
HCCS Econet Module
Econet Bridge Service Information
Domesday System Volcanoes Disc
Domesday System Countryside Disc
Domesday System London Discs
Domesday System North Polar Expedition Discs
Philips VP312/380 Laserdisc Drive Programmer's Guide

Sadly, the interplanetary financial implosion has even permeated BeebMaster Towers, which means that I can't offer any money to anyone with items on offer, but if you have any of the above which you would still be willing to part with, please e-mail me!