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20th September 2018 It's been a very long time, but I couldn't let today's anniversary pass by without something! Today is the 60th anniversary of Carry On Sergeant going on general release in UK cinemas. I've added another two sections of the Carry on Sergeant Storyboard, which you can see here.
10th January 2010 Another year, and a bit more of Carry on Sergeant. I've added two more sections to the Storyboard and updated all the other pages in the Carry On Sergeant section, which you can see here.
1st January 2009 I'm afraid I wasn't happy with the screen captures on the Carry On Sergeant storyboard. The video recorder was playing up when I did the captures. It's not too bad on the pictures already uploaded, but it got progressively worse as the film went on, and even chewed the beginning of the tape.

I spent a bit of time over Christmas making a new recording with a new video recorder, which has turned out much better. There's plenty of work still to do, but for today I've redone the Carry on Sergeant titles which you can see here.
1st August 2008 1st August 1958 was the day of the first screening of "Carry On Sergeant", so it's truly fifty years of the Carry Ons. And I've added a new section to the Carry On Sergeant Storyboard which you can see here.
24th March 2008 Yes, today is the day it all began! 24th March 1958 was the start of filming of the first in the series, Carry On Sergeant. I've given my Carry On pages a bit of an facelift today, and what better way to begin than to go back to where it all started. As with all my special updates for memorable dates, I ran out of time as usual so you are only going to get a glimpse of my new section on Carry On Sergeant, but I hope you will take a look as it is a template for things to come!
1st January 2007 I've started a new section today on my Carry On collection, which you can look at here.
10th June 2006 The next in the Carry On series for today's update. Click here to read about Carry On Cabby.
1st May 2006 Today's BeebMaster Birthday Update sees new sections on Carry On Regardless and Carry On Cruising.
1st January 2006 Another new year and another update to my Carry On Pages with the fourth film in the series, Carry On, Constable.
1st May 2005 A BeebMaster Birthday Update today with a new section on Carry On Teacher.
19th January 2005 You can now learn about Carry On Nurse as well as the most celebrated Carry On Catchphrase, Ooh, Matron!
1st January 2005 My Carry On pages were ripe for a revamp so I hope you like the New Year relaunch!