During October and November 2006, I tried to find a way of recording the output from my Domesday Machine onto my DVD recorder so that I could extract images to use as new high-quality screenshots of the Domesday System in operation. However, the RGB output from a Beeb doesn't seem to show up very well (if at all) on video and DVD recorders, so I found that on the recordings I was making, the BBC overlay did not show up.

However, in November 2006 I was told about a little "trick" which can be used to convert the Composite Video output of the BBC from monochrome to full colour. It's ludicrously simple, and it initially allowed me to take full colour images of the Domesday Machine working in situations where the LV-ROM output was not used, such as displaying the Essays or Help Text on the Domesday Discs. I have since used this technique to produce high-quality colour screenshots in other situations, so this will be the way forward.

I hope you will click on the picture links above to learn more; you might even try it out for yourself!