In 1986, the Domesday Project was launched to mark the 900th anniversary of the publication of the Domesday Book. Thirty years on, I am one of the few lucky people still to own a working Domesday System, although my own kit is assembled from original component parts rather than being an example of the official thing.

Please click on the links below to learn more about the Domesday Project, Domesday System, my own Domesday Machine and myriad other Domesday and LaserVision related topics:

About the
Domesday Project
This section is all about the Domesday Project

The Domesday System
Click here to learn all about the Domesday System

BeebMaster's Domesday Machines
The evolution of my own Domesday Machines, from some very incomplete beginnings in 2003 to the present day

Using the Domesday Discs
All about using the Domesday Community and National discs, with some curios and quirks thrown in

Using the Videodisc Filing System
Using VFS, with its disc, video and mouse commands, low-level OSWORD programming and my own little contribution, the VFS Utilities ROM

Using the LV-ROM Player
Making use of the VP415 LV-ROM Player via remote control and computer control, and a demonstration of the video mixing modes provided by the Domesday Sandwich

Domesday Rescue
Preserving the audio-visual and digital data contents of the Domesday Discs

AIV Laserdiscs
Other laserdiscs produced for use with the BBC Master AIV System

LaserVision Discs
Other types of audio/video only laserdiscs and my own laserdisc collection

My Other Laserdisc Players
My collection of non-Domesday laserdisc players