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This section brings you pictures of the Domesday Discs in action, using my own Domesday Machine.

Prior to 2006, I didn't have any method of capturing BBC micro screens apart from pointing a camera at the TV monitor. In time for the Domesday 20th anniversary, I bought a DVD recorder and during November and December 2006 I used this new DVD recorder to extract 430 new screenshots of the Domesday System running, including using the Videodisc Filing System.

It was my intention to replace all the camera-based screenshots with images recorded on my DVD recorder in time for the 20th anniversary. Unfortunately, the DVD recorder I had chosen was unable to record the RGB input from the BBC when this was connected to the Domesday Laserdisc Player. It took me until 2010 to realise what was (or rather wasn't) happening, but once I was in the picture, I bought a new DVD recorder. This gave me the ability to record RGB inputs meaning at last I could make proper screenshots of the Domesday System running.

I am now starting to replace the existing picture sets and bring you many more new ones. As a result, BeebMaster now contains the largest collection of Domesday System images anywhere online and I hope you will click on the picture links above to learn more about using each of the Domesday discs and for the esoterically-inclined among you, some quirks and curiosities.

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