My Top Twenty Favourite
Doctor Who Stories

My twenty favourite Doctor Who stories are listed below. These are given in transmission order as it is impossible to choose between them. From time to time the listing will change as I hear or see new stories or re-assess other ones. I have not deliberately attempted to include all the Doctors but I am pleased that the first six Doctors all find their way into my top twenty.

Some stories have links to further information about them.

Serial CodeStory Name
BThe Daleks
RThe Chase
BBThe War Machines
LLThe Evil of the Daleks
MMThe Tomb of the Cybermen
VVThe Invasion
XXThe Seeds of Death
ZZThe War Games
AAASpearhead from Space
JJJThe Daemons
4EGenesis of the Daleks
4KThe Brain of Morbius
4LThe Seeds of Doom
4NThe Hand of Fear
5HCity of Death
5LThe Horns of Nimon
6KThe Five Doctors
6VVengeance on Varos
7C(1)Terror of the Vervoids

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