TIME August 2003

Invasion Earth November 2013

I haven't been to all that many Dr Who events over the years. I asked to be taken to Longleat for the Dr Who exhibition in 1983 but I was declined. I did get taken in the mid to late 1980s to the exhibition in Blackpool where you went inside a Police Box and down into the exhibition via a sort of TARDIS set, but there aren't any pictures of that.

The first Dr Who event I attended was in 1993 held at a nearby hotel and run by a local fan group I was involved with for a few years in the mid 1990s. Again there aren't any pictures, and I don't recall any guest appearances but there was a real Dalek there and I spent a couple of hours trundling round the dance floor inside the Dalek exterminating everything.

The next event I attended, I took my camera with me and you can see the photographs above. It was another 8 years before I went to another Who convention, in 2003 and you can see the photos of that above as well. I couldn't let the fiftieth anniversary pass without turning up at something, so I went to an event in November 2013 with the principal aim of getting a better picture of Colin Baker than I had done in 2003. Do please click on the picture links above to see more.

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