After my Who-athon in 2006, I thought I would celebrate the forty-fifth anniversary of the world's greatest science-fiction phenomenon in a slightly gentler way! This year, I have decided to begin a special "Five Faces of Doctor Who" thread, starting on the 45th anniversary.

For those of you who can't remember, or never knew, "The Five Faces of Doctor Who" was a series of repeats on BBC-2 back in 1981 when Tom Baker had just finished. It began with a repeat of "An Unearthly Child" for William Hartnell, followed by "The Krotons" for Patrick Troughton, then "Carnival of Monsters" and "The Three Doctors", featuring the first three incarnations of our Time Lord hero, and then finally ending with "Logopolis", Tom Baker's swansong.

I always have several threads going, and I'd just finished the Tom Baker era as part of my Third Doctor to Sixth Doctor thread, which I've been pursuing for quite a while already, so with the anniversary approaching, it seemed like a good idea to squeeze in a "Five Faces" thread, for the first time.

So, on 23rd November, starting at about 9pm, I watched "An Unearthly Child". I couldn't start watching at 5.16pm, the actual original transmission time, which I would have liked to have done, because this would have interfered with my Forty Years On thread, which I have been following since 23rd November 2003 and today's episode in that thread was Episode 4 of "The Invasion", due at 5.15pm.

The following Sunday came "The Krotons", starring Patrick Troughton, which technically breaches my six month rule under my Forty Years On thread (more about that elsewhere!) but I made an exception for once.

After that, on 7th December, it was Jon Pertwee back in action in "Carnival of Monsters", followed by a first multiple Doctor story on 14th December, "The Three Doctors".

Finally, another showing of "Logopolis", on 21st December, rounding off the "Five Faces of Doctor Who" thread.

Now I can pick up on my Third Doctor to Sixth Doctor thread with the start of the Davison era, which I'm planning to start in January 2009!