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Please see below for the latest updates to BeebMaster's Doctor Who pages

1st December 2013 My Dr Who viewing was punctuated by the arrival of a Dalek cake, which you can see here.
23rd November 2013 I'm celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of Doctor Who with an intensive viewing programme and some very special updates to this Dr Who section. First off, please take a look at exactly what I'm doing - ie. watching - today, and also have been watching for the last week here.

I have updated and expanded my section all about my Doctor Who collection, showing all of my Doctor Who laserdiscs, a new section about my Doctor Who books, my collection of miniature Daleks, my TARDIS collection, including an archive photo of my 1980s TARDIS tent, the Doctor Who Score, and my commemorative editions of the Radio Times.

There's a new section all about the Doctor Who events I have attended over the past twenty years, from the day I met Jon Pertwee and Elisabeth Sladen, to the day I met Colin Baker to my latest excursion to see Colin Baker, Louise Jameson and Sophie Aldred.

I also gave Dizzy the Dalek an outing for the first time in ten years, so if you've ever wanted to know how to blow up a Dalek, look here.
1st May 2011 2011 is turning out to be a bleak year for Dr Who, with the loss of two its most popular and enduring characters, Nicholas Courtney who played Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart in February and Elisabeth Sladen, Sarah Jane Smith, in April.

Today's update is very sad for me, consisting of tributes to these two Who stars: new pictures of my recent acquisition of the ultra-rare NTSC Laserdisc of "Day of the Daleks" starring Nicholas Courtney, which is here and a special page about the day I met Elisabeth Sladen here.
23rd November 2010 To celebrate 47 years of Dr. Who today, I am bringing you pictures of one of the rarest Dr. Who items of the 1980s, my newly-arrived laserdisc of "The Brain of Morbius", which I hope you will take a look at here.
22nd December 2008 The last few Sundays have been very exciting with my "Five Faces" thread taking me through the first four Doctors, finishing yesterday! I'll be starting with "Castrovalva" in the new year, and I hope you will come back in January for more Dr. Who updates. Before then, take a look at my updated "Five Faces" page here.
23rd November 2008 It's that time of year again, and it's amazing to think that today marks forty-five years of Doctor Who! I'm celebrating the anniversary with more Who Viewing, although at a slightly more sedentary pace than the previous Who-athon! This year's viewing festivities will take place over several weeks, and you can read what I'm planning here.
31st January 2008 Well, I didn't get very far with my promise at the beginning of last year! Let's see if 2008 is any more successful. We're beginning with an update to my Dr. Who Video Collection. There have been quite a few new items added, so I hope you will take a look.
1st January 2007 I have decided that 2007 is going to be a year in which I show you my growing Doctor Who collection in a bit more detail. It's one of the traditions of BeebMaster that I like you to be able to see what I'm talking about, so for today's update you can see the first pictures of my collection of Dr. Who episodes by clicking here.

During the year, I will be bringing you pictures of my Doctor Who literature collection, and other items of Who memorabilia, so please check back soon for the latest updates!
23rd November 2006 Everyone's favourite Gallifreyan exile is 43 years old today. That's Earth years, of course! You can see my very special anniversary viewing schedule here!
1st May 2005 It's been well over a year and much has happened in the world of Dr. Who since the last update, but I'm not going into all that now.

I've used BeebMaster's Birthday Update as an excuse to relive one of my all-time favourite stories, The Evil of the Daleks.
1st February 2004 Just as 21st December was the fortieth anniversary of the beginning of the first Dalek story, so today marks the anniversary of the end of the original Dalek serial. I have updated my Dalek section with a set of pictures of all the surviving parts from my 1993 Dalek which you can see here.
2nd January 2004 Another outing for one of my all-time favourites, The War Games, has resulted in its very own page here.
21st December 2003 Not far behind every Doctor Who anniversary comes a Dalek anniversary. The fortieth is no different and today is the ruby anniversary of Daleks, who made their first appearance (at least in part) in the first episode of "The Daleks" broadcast on 21st December 1963 at 5.16pm. To celebrate, I am pleased to unveil a new section about my very own Daleks here.
29th November 2003 After last week's marathon, I have updated my 40th Anniversary Viewing with a review of each of the stories I watched, which can be seen here!
22nd November 2003 The fortieth anniversary is tomorrow and my Dr. Who celebration weekend begins now with cover-to-cover viewing! You can see my Dr. Who Viewing schedule here!
1st September 2003 I am trying to fill in as many links for my favourite stories as possible during the 40th anniversary year. You can read about my page on "The Tomb of the Cybermen" here.
25th August 2003 I have given my Doctor Who pages a bit of a revamp with a new 40th Anniversary logo and some new pages on my favourite stories. I hope you like it!