BeebMaster - I Want an Econet!

BBC Model B+
Econet Interface

The layout of the B+ Econet interface was different from the earlier Model B and can be seen in the above picture of the top left-hand corner of the PCB of this B+ which does not have the Econet interface present.

The other major difference from the earlier interface was the optional removal of the "collision detect" circuitry. This provides a mechanism for detecting and dealing with the collisions which occur on the network data lines resulting from the inevitable multiple transmission of data by various stations at any given time.

Acorn firmly believed that the network software was adequate to provide for collision detect without the need for it to be present in hardware as well. The new Model B+ Econet interface was designed on this basis, although there was an option to add the collision detect mechanism if the Beeb was likely to be used in a network which could not be guaranteed to be running the official Acorn Network Filing System Software.