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Build your own Econet

Following the headings below will guide you through the process of setting up your very own Econet network.

General Overview

Setting up the network
Required Components
Creating the Network
Positioning the Clock
Positioning the Terminators
Attaching Stations to the Network
Setting the Station Number
Setting the Clock Speed
Testing the Network
Econet Layouts

Setting up the File Server
Level 1 File ServerIllustrated Guide to Level 1
Level 2 File ServerIllustrated Guide to Level 2
Level 3 File ServerIllustrated Guide to Level 3
User Root Library
Level 4 File ServerIllustrated Guide to Level 4
Advanced Level 4 File Server
FileStore File ServerIllustrated Guide to FileStore File Server
MDFS File Server

Setting up the Printer Server

Setting up an Econet Bridge

Substitutes and Suggestions

Econet Utilities and Programming

I am gradually making links on all the headings below. I have put the unfinished headings here as well as the finished ones to give a structure to the network building process and to give an idea of what is to come.