BeebMaster - Econet Station 254 - FileStore E01

Station 254
Acorn FileStore E01

With the help of the FileStore Service Manual, I have identified my FileStore as an E01. I was not sure before because the drive door is a replacement from another FileStore which says "E20".

This FileStore has two 3" floppy drives, a 1 MHz Bus for connecting a hard disc or FileStore hard drive, a printer port so it can also be used as a printer server and an Econet port to plug into the network.

The FileStore is fitted with its own Econet Clock which can be set by altering some links on the board. There is also a real-time clock although I think the battery is running low as the clock is unreliable.

The FileStore uses the same Econet module produced for the BBC Master, which can be used in practically all the Acorn 32-bit machines.

The fan on the FileStore is extremely noisy. I have tried to fix it but it still clatters like hell. As a result it is locked away in a glass-fronted cabinet to reduce the noise. My FileStore E20 and Technomatic Winchester Disc and Teletext Adapter are sitting on top.

Floppy disc access is extremely slow due to the drive timings. I am not sure if it is possible to change the timings on a FileStore like you can on the BBC. Unfortunately this slows down access time to the network quite a bit. My Level 2 Fileserver runs significantly faster as access to the floppy drives is a lot quicker.

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