BeebMaster - FileStore E01S & E40S

Acorn FileStore E01S and E40S

E01S and E40S



Using E01S

Repairing E01S

Using the E40S

Stacking FileStores
(original 2007 pages)

FileStore E01S
(original 2007 pages)

FileStore E40S
(original 2007 pages)

This gleaming set of FileStores arrived in August 2006 and I doubt they had ever been used. The FileStore E01S is the base unit of the Stacking FileStore system with floppy drive storage, and the E40S is the 40MB hard disc unit which connects to the E01S.

I made new picture sets in August 2014, but I have also kept the original sets here from November 2007.

I hope you will click on the picture links above to learn more about these Acorn FileStores.

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