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Station 254
Acorn FileStore E20

This is my Acorn FileStore E20 which I have had since the end of April 2003. It is essentially a hard disc unit made by Acorn specifically for the purpose of connecting to the back of a FileStore E01 although it can be connected straight to a BBC 1 MHz bus port.

The casing is identical to that of the FileStore E01 apart from the colour. This unit is grey whereas the E01 is BBC beige.

Inside the FileStore E20 is a power supply, an Acorn Winchester disc host adapter and a Rodime RO652 hard disc with on-board Adaptec disc controller. When formatted for use with the Econet, the RO652 gives just short of 20MB storage space, hence "E20". If it is connected straight to a BBC and used as a local hard drive, it can be formatted to a higher density to give about 28MB of space.

These FileStores are essentially the same specification as the earlier Acorn Winchester Disc units which came with 10MB or 30MB Rodime hard discs in them.

The FileStore E20 has two 37-way D-type connectors at the back to be attached to an Acorn FileStore E01 or as part of a daisy-chain of FileStore devices.

Unfortunately, within an hour of receiving the E20, I had set it on fire doing what I thought was irreparable damage to the thing. It was sold to me on the basis that the Rodime disc was faulty and it would need a new hard drive. I was attempting to connect a more modern Maxtor drive to the FileStore when smoke started coming out of it! Part of the ribbon cable had melted and after that, I could not get anything to happen for several weeks.

I thought I had killed the host adapter board and so I bought a new one and eventually got the FileStore to work with the original Rodime drive and the original host adapter a few days later after trying a few things I thought I had tried before.

My FileStore E20 is now an integral part of Station 254 and my Econet network. I hope you will click on some of the links above to learn more about the Acorn FileStore E20.

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