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Econet Test Box

In August 2003, I bought this Econet Test Box. It has two Econet sockets on the front, marked "Tester" and "UUT" ("Unit Under Test") as well as a ribbon cable going to the user port and a power connector in the same style as the BBC disc drive connector.

I was very surprised when I took the lid off to find that this is an Acorn unit because from the outside, it does not bear any of the usual Acorn markings.

The only reference I can find to the Econet Test Box is in the FileStore Service Manual, although I find it a bit difficult to believe that this device would have been brought out solely for use with FileStores.

It generates its own clock signal when connected to a network but without the software on the FileStore Dealer Test Disc, I am unable to put it to its intended use.

E-mail me if you can help me get this thing going