BeebMaster - I Want an Econet! - Level 3 Illustrated Guide

Level 3 Illustrated Guide

Initialising a floppy disc

Making a combined software & storage disc

Using Winchester discs with Level 3

Level 3 with Compact Flash Hard Drive

Copying between file servers

My illustrated guide to Level 3 Econet is in several parts. The first set shows how to initialise a floppy disc for use in the L3 server, the second shows how you can make a bootable floppy disc which contains the File Server code as well as a storage area, and the third shows the steps required to prepare a Winchester disc for use with the Level 3 file server.

More modern storage devices, such as a Compact Flash Hard Drive, can also be used with L3 Econet, but the set up can be a bit tricky, so the fourth set here is a very detailed guide to using the L3 server with such a drive.

I hope that you will click on the picture links above to learn more about setting up Level 3 Econet.