BeebMaster - I Want an Econet!

Later Master Series
Econet Interface (issue 2)

This is issue 2 of the later Master Series Econet module.

The components are really packed onto the Master Econet Module! There are 21 resistors, 9 capacitors, 7 integrated circuits and two connectors, all squeezed onto a board measuring just over 3 inches by 2 inches.

The two holes allow plastic supports to be mounted on the BBC Master motherboard to fix the module in place, although the 23 pins in the two connectors provide adequate support, as long as you don't press on the top left-hand corner of the module!

On the underside of the Master Econet Module, we can see the two rows of the connectors. The first, five-pin connector provides pin-for-pin connection to the DIN socket and the 17-way connector provides all the other links the Module needs with the Master.

We can also clearly see the serial number ticket, a vital part of all Acorn hardware since time immemorial.