BeebMaster - I Want an Econet!

PC Econet Interface

Econet gets everywhere, doesn't it! Even the contemporary IBM-type PC could be linked up to an Econet, with the network interface being provided on an ISA card as shown in this picture.

This curious device appears to have two halves, on the left an exact replica of the Master Series Econet module, even to the extent of appearing to have the pins for connecting to the Master motherboard, and on the right hand side some circuitry which is presumably for converting whatever happens in the Econet module into a form the PC can understand.

The Econet connector appears to be a D-type socket rather than the usual DIN. On the board is what looks like either a 6522 or a 6502.

The PC Econet interface, also known as the "EcoLink" card, is one of the rarest Econet items, and one of the rarest Acorn items overall. I haven't got one yet, and I don't know much more about it other than the information here.

Thanks to Jules Richardson for this picture.