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Using Modern
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SCSI Free Space

Don't be fooled into thinking that anything more modern than a 30MB 1984 Rodime won't work as a BBC micro hard disc, it is possible that (relatively) modern 50-pin SCSI drives can be made to work!

I started messing about with newish SCSI discs in about 2002, and after nearly a decade of mainly fruitless tinkering, involving a good measure of melting wires, explosions, fires, smoke and electrocution, in August 2011 I cracked it. There are several picture sets here - the first shows my first successes with modern SCSI discs connected to a BBC micro host adapter, the second looks into some of the mythology around drives with 512-byte sectors, then getting drives recognised as ADFS drive 1, SCSI shutdown procedure, what happens when we alter the geometry of a SCSI disc, back to the A5000 to look at drives which don't support the Change Definition command, and then an alternative way of opening communications using Request Sense.

I hope you will click on the picture links above to learn more.

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