BeebMaster - Akhter & Technomatic Winchester Discs

Akhter & Technomatic
Winchester Discs

Absolutely identical round the back as well, apart from the manufacturer labels.

I had intended to do rather more with these two Winchester discs apart from take a couple of photographs of them. The idea was to back up the Technomatic - during one its lucid moments - onto the Akhter.

Regrettably, this isn't quite a straightforward as it might sound. These Winchester units are standalone devices, and so connecting two of them to the same Beeb without any modifications will confuse things.

Two Winchester host adapters appear in the 1MHz bus memory map at the same location, two Winchester controllers with the same ID appear, and two discs with the same logical unit number also show up. That's a recipe for disaster, believe me, and although there are ways around it, that's going to be a job for another time!

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