BeebMaster - BBC Master Compact

BBC Master Compact

The Master Compact was different in design from the other machines in the Master Series as it came in two parts - a keyboard very similar to the standard Master keyboard and a base unit providing a 3�" floppy disc drive, or dual drives as an optional upgrade. The base unit came in the same box as the Acorn FileStores.

In addition to looking different, the Master Compact bore some notable hardware and software differences from the Master 128, such as the following:

- deletion of the cassette interface and software
- deletion of 1MHz bus and Tube interfaces
- deletion of DFS from MOS ROM
- deletion of user port and TV modulator
- removal of the real-time clock & CMOS RAM
- configuration settings stored in EEPROM
- new version of ADFS incorporating "FORMAT" and "VERIFY" commands
- RS232 serial interface
- D-type printer connector

The Master Compact was not as popular as the Master 128 and production stopped in 1989 whilst the Master kept on going until 1993.