BeebMaster - BBC Master Econet Terminal

BBC Master Econet Terminal

The Master Econet Terminal provided a scaled down and cheaper version of the Master 128, in much the same way that the Model A had been the baby brother to the Model B. The difference here was that the Master ET was intended to function as an Econet workstation. Part of the software supplied in the operating system ROM was deleted, taking out the unnecessary disc filing systems. The Advanced Net FS and Econet module were provided instead and the expansion ports underneath the machine were removed.

I have a lot of affection for the Master ET because our school computer room, where I first started all my Beebing in 1990/1991, was principally made up of ETs.

These pictures were very kindly supplied by Ken Hewson at a time before I had my own Master ET. You can see my own ET here, which is something of a hybrid between a full Master 128 and a pure ET due to several user upgrades made by the previous owner.

As such, the pictures here remain the only images I have of an unadulterated Master ET and so I hope you will click on the images above to learn more.