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My Collection

I have an expansive collection of Acorn computers, including machines before and after the BBC micro and a multitude of Acorn and third-party add-ons and peripherals. There's also a bit of room here for a few related topics like what I do at Christmas and where I keep it all, as well as items which help me with my Beebery despite not being strictly Acorns!

I hope you will click on the picture links below to learn more:

My Econet
My Econet is a permanent installation of 3 Masters, 1 BBC B, a FileStore file server & hard disc, an SJ Research MDFS, and spare outlets to rig up ad-hoc additional 8-bit and 32-bit stations as required.

My SJ Research MDFS
My MDFS Tower is now connected to my main network after years of living on its own. I've gathered quite a bit of MDFS kit over the years - take a look at all my MDFS main units and expansion boxes here!

My Domesday Machines
I am lucky to have my two BBC Domesday Systems, which I put together over a number of years from original parts starting with a basic BBC Master 128.

My Master 512
In fact, I own two Master 512s, and this section takes a closer look at this rather interesting machine, available as an upgrade to the standard Master 128.

My 8-bit Machines
From BBC computers like the Model B and Master 128 to pre-BBC Atoms and Systems.

My Cheese Wedges
My collection of these distinctive-looking 8-bit add-ons is here. Also you will find third-party cheese wedge add-ons and second processors.

My Electrons
I have a small collection of Acorn Electrons and add-ons which you can see here.

My Econet Bits
File Servers, Clocks, socket boxes, terminators, interfaces and modules - it's all in my Econet collection!

My Hard Discs
From fully-working Acorn and Technomatic Winchester Discs to my collection of old ST506 and SCSI discs and controller boards and host adapters.

My 8-Bit Peripherals
Anything and everything that connects up to an 8-bit Acorn that isn't covered anywhere above!

A look at programming on the BBC Micro.

My 32-bit Machines
Here you can see my Archimedes A410/1, A420/1, A3000, Acorn Network Computer and A4 laptops!

My Nexus Kit
I don't know much about Nexus, the 32-bit networking system devised by SJ Research, but I've got a few bits, and probably enough to have my very own Nexus network, if I knew how to work it!

Great Finds
Every now and again I am offered a collection which is irresistible, you can have a look at my various hauls here.

Special Features
A more detailed look at some well-known items of BBC-related hardware and software which are deserving of special mention.

Out and About At the Shows
Pictures and reports from the classic computer shows I have attended.

PC Downgrade
In March 2007, a new PC at home gave me the opportunity to attempt to perform the ultimate PC downgrade.

My Broken Things
This section details some worse-for-wear items which, despite my best efforts, are no longer in the land of the living!

Dave Moore Collection
An eclectic mix of Beeb things, on loan to me for a couple of years between 2012 and 2015.

The BeebVault
This is where I keep a lot of it.

My BeebRoom
My BeebRoom, where all my permanent setup, which isn't in storage, lives.

My Acorn Letters
Correspondence from Acorn and other Beeb-related companies in the 1990s.

A celebration of 10 years online from 2013.

Christmas is a time for...
A light-hearted look at BeebMaster activities during the festive season!

Working From Home
My take on a trend which started in spring 2020.