What's New 2018

Please see below for 2018 updates to BeebMaster

1st January 2018 2018 is BeebMaster's 15th year online, and this year's first update is the traditional mix of all things Acorn, and even more:
Here's a set on getting Econet going on an unco-operative A7000. Last September I paid a visit to the Centre For Computing History in Cambridge.
In January 2012, I collected together all my IEEE 488 items and photographed them. Here you can see new sets on my original IEEE488 Adapter, second and third examples, and metal box variety plus Aries B488.
As you root around these pages, I hope you will take the opportunity to visit some of my sections about topics I'm interested in apart from 1980s technology - this year I'm plugging my pages on Tea, with a new set showing my tea station, and also my White & Blue teapots.

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