What's New 2020

Please see below for 2020 updates to BeebMaster

1st December 2020 For December, get a load of this:
My "Bob Beeb". Bob Beeb was the first set generated using a Beeb - and this set showing my HTML Generator is the first set where both the HTML pages, and the captions file, have been made on a BBC micro.
Here's a new picture from my survey of BBC Model B Econet interfaces, showing issue 7 without the Net interface fitted. Whilst on the subject of replacement pictures, I've reprocessed my two main Electron picture sets here and here using the original cropped camera images without resizing them.
Restoring my 16K BBC B to its 32K glory. A before-and-after picture set of the repaired 16K Beeb.
A relapse, after only a matter of hours. And now, the revival.
Following the revival, some extensive testing led to this successful set. A final set showing the 16K Beeb fully restored to 32K.
Fixing my RISC PC, part one: changing the battery. Resetting the configuration settings after changing the battery.
1st November 2020 There's more Econet file server rescue to start off November's update:
CF Card Reinit. Net Rescue - April 2015.
And a change of server from Acorn to SJ Research:
My "Green" MDFS. A set about cleaning my "Green" MDFS, and then trying to fix it.
Now some 8-bit things:
The crucially important BeebMaster Net Mouse.

Whilst looking for it, I also found my Pine manual.
Epson MX100 III Dot-matrix printer.
1st October 2020 Continuing into October with my Econet file server rescue:
The File Server using the wrong library directory. Duplicating the Library.
Beginning Teletext copying. More Teletext copying.
More CF Copy. Net Rescue - March 2015.
A break now from all that, with a look at doing up my A5000:
Fix A5000. New battery.
And more:
Using my Sony TV with my RISC PC 700. My Raspberry Pi 2.
Before you go, don't forget to visit the BeebShop for all your 5" floppy disc and Econet needs!
1st September 2020 This month, I have introduced a change to the way picture sets are processed and displayed. I'm no longer resizing the big photographs, so from now they will be the size of the cropped images when I made the picture sets, but displayed to fit to screen width. To make it easier to display the picture at its full size, which so far hasn't been possible as the picture itself hyperlinks to the next picture in the set, I've introduced a new feature where clicking the top-left corner of a picture will open the picture itself, so it can be seen full-size. As a test image, I re-made the fourth picture from my Master 128 issue 1 picture set from the original camera image to improve the quality of the picture.

For September's update proper, I've had time to bring you 12 new picture sets with 518 images. We start with some RISC PC: don't forget to click the top left of the photograph to see it in full size!
Fitting an Econet interface to my RISC PC 700. A look at the Ethernet module for RISC PC and A7000.
The two types of network interface side-by-side. Using the newly-fitted Econet module on my RISC PC.
Fitting the Econet Module Podule to my RISC PC. Getting the Econet Module Podule working.
The boot sequence for the Econet module podule. Restoring traditional Econet error messages on RISC OS.
Fixing the Econet autoboot for my RISC PC. RISC PC Screen Modes.
Next up, a rare foray in to Games for me and Elite, no less! I didn't actually get much gameplay, this was all about inter-filing-system-al transmogrification of data! See here:
Trying to get Elite running from Econet. Trying to copy Elite from Econet to ADFS!
Please come back in early October for more, but before you go, pop along to the BeebShop for all your disc and Econet needs!
1st August 2020 It's a year now since I uploaded the first sets generated with my HTML Generator, since when I have used it to make 103 sets with 3,632 HTML pages. That's very nearly 10 pages of HTML a day! It also means in that year, I've caught up with the backlog quite a bit - I'm only 5 years behind now! Here's more:
Transferring back from PC to CF card. Using some newly transferred files, more on the Cumana SCSI podule with the A7000.
More Compact Flash, this time installing DOS Plus on an ADFS Compact Flash Hard Drive. My SC84 EPROM Programmer.
A look back at the BeebMaster Econet terminator plugs, a mainstay of the BeebShop between 2014 and 2020. Beginning to pick up the pieces of my destroyed Econet file server with this Compact Flash Survey.
Looking at the disc area which suddenly blanked itself. Formatting and preparing a new CF card to replace the faulty one.
The curse of Level 3 Econet - File Server error 5A - and how to survive it. Copying data to the new L3 file server disc for the first time.
If you've been here during July, you may have noticed some new products at the BeebShop - all new Econet Socket Hubs and Terminators. At last, a network socket outlet solution for Econet comes to the BeebShop - please have a look at them here.

Hopefully, next time you call by, I'll should have a new batch of BBC Model B Econet kits.
1st July 2020 For July, we start with more on my Stacking FileStores:
A brief look at using my E01S... ...before attempting to repair it.
Using the E40S without connecting up to a FileStore E01S. And now, using the Cumana SCSI podule with a Seagate disc on my A7000.
Checking my A7000 hard disc for viruses. What better way to finish than a nice cup of Tea. Lots of it. Lots and lots and lots.
I hope you will come back soon for some very exciting Econet news from the BeebShop!
1st June 2020 June is here, and whether you are staying in or going out, there will hopefully be time to have a look at today's new picture sets:
A rare update to my little Electron section, showing the Interflora Messenger, or BT Merlin. And an Electron Plus 1.
Watford Co-Processor Adapter. Monty Python's Flying Laser Rot.
New picture sets of my Stacking FileStore E01S and E40S units, with an overview here... ...and the main E01S unit here.
This set shows the E40S. Finally, for this month, the last leftover item from Play 2014, a video of the BBC Micro 30th birthday celebration graphics demo.
Oh, just before I go: many of you have been using this stay-at-home epoch to start or expand your Econets! That's definitely worth applauding, but it means that there is now desperately low stock of the BeebMaster Econet Clock (of which there is unlikely to be more) and the current batch of BBC Model B Econet upgrades. If you still want in, get in now by going here.
1st May 2020 BeebMaster is 17 years old today, but instead of learning to drive, I thought I'd see if I can clock up 17 new picture sets for this exciting milestone! This ambitious task has been helped no end by my HTML Generator. Let's start with 11 Domesday sets:
Shenanagens with the video & audio output when using VFS. A quick bug fix leading to VFS Utilities 2.2.
VPX. A look at the VFS pointer sprite.
The private RAM workspace used by VFS. ADVAL's pointer values.
A trial session of a new Domesday Rescue method from March 2014. The contents of a Domesday Disc's free space.
Using the AIV SCSI interface with a SCSI hard drive. A look at my repaired 2012 VP415, and a set showing it fully operational here.
And now 4 sets on hard drives. Up to 15 now!
Formatting a flash memory card to ADFS. Using the newly formatted card as a backup drive.
Backup up some of my DFS discs to the new flash IDE drive. Transferring image data from the CF card to PC.
Continuing with a bit of miscellany to complete my 17 new sets for my 17th birthday:
A keyboard repair to Station 114. Watford Electronics Disc Sharer.
I had a bit of time left over, so for the customary invitation on this birthday occasion to have a good look round my other equally exciting parts, here's some new sets to intice you in:
A human's eye view of the 2017 Birthday Parade in honour of Her Majesty The Queen; you can see all my Monarchy pages here. Bell Tea pot, a new addition to my tea pages.
I'll end this special anniversary update with a reminder that the BeebShop is open for all your disc & Econet favourites, and a few other bits, which you can see just here. See you all in early June!
2nd April 2020 In these stay-at-home times, I'm here to help you pass the time with more of my Beebing activities:
Syquest SQ5110 cartridge drive. Syquest SQ5200 cartridge drive.
Using Syquest SQ5110 Using Syquest SQ5200
Multi Miniscribes. My collated collection of Dr. Who Videos.
1st March 2020 Here's the fill of this month's update:
The process for making my Level 3 file server master disc, version 2.1. A look at the ANFS user root library.
My new "ReadTime" utility for setting the file server clock. Fixing a dodgy version of *VIEW which had crept in.
The ARM7 co-processor with ADFS 1.53. My external ARM7 co-processor.
A return visit to Camberley in January 2020. There's a feature on my Syquest drives coming next month, so here's a taster.
1st February 2020 Well, Big Ben didn't bong yesterday to signal that we finally got out of Europe four years after voting out, but the Beeb still brrrbeeps, so I'm back again with more of the same.

Another anniversary of note today is that seven years ago this month, my Econet file server had a paddy - and in December 2013 I started the long (and still incomplete) process of putting it back together. Here's the beginning of it all:
A detailed picture set trying to piece together what happened, what's left, and making a long-overdue backup of it all.
Some of my activites away from home:
A day out - or in - at Brighouse. Off to Camberley for the second southern A Bug of 2019!
1st January 2020 New year, new decade, but still in Europe and still more Midwinch! Let's hope I won't be having to say that any more after this update, and to prove that I mean what I say, say what I mean, no ifs, no buts, read my lips, beggaring belief at the tip of the slippery slope of the iceberg's thin end of the wedge, and without having to be found snuffed-it face-down in a dirty puddle, here is the very last of the Midwinch wine, and it's a big un!
Dissecting, disabusing and generally destroying the L3 partition on the MidWinch, for fun and frolics!
Continuing the hard drive theme, but this time back to SCSI discs:
A play about with my lunatic Miniscribe. A look at checking the amount of free space on a large SCSI drive.
And a couple of sets on how to get along famously with the card image files used in my CF drives:
A Linux tool for converting CF card disc images. Fuse ADFS, a Linux tool allowing direct mounting of ADFS hard disc images.
As the third decade of the twenty-first century begins, I hope you will spare the time for a healthy scrat around BeebMaster and discover some of my non-Acorn themed sections to see my latest updates to my pages on Monarchy, Doctor Who and Tea.

For 8271 Disc and Econet hunters, a visit to the BeebShop will prove worthwhile as I still have some Econet and 8271 kits for sale.

Please come back in early February for more!

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