What's New 2021

Please see below for 2021 updates to BeebMaster

1st March 2021 Beginning March 2021 with more Econet:
FileStore Temporary Lights. Now working, but with a bit of a potty real-time clock.
More on the dodgy floppy drive in my FileStore E01S. Testing the potty clock.
A nice repair to the sensor block on the front panel of the E01S. Using SCSI2SD as a replacement hard drive for FileStore.
Fixing the mode pages for use with SCSI2SD and FileStore. Initialising an SD card in SCSI2SD as a FileStore "Rodime" from scratch.
A little look at unpadding SCSI2SD card dump images. Filling up the new SCSI2SD Rodime with some Econet utils.
1st February 2021 A combination of favourite themes to start February's update with sets using the hard drive replacement system SCSI2SD with Econet:
Here's the Level 3 file server being set up on my new SCSI2SD disc. Using the FileStore Dealer Test Disc to see if the SCSI2SD board will work as a FileStore hard disc replacement.
A test with the E40S hard drive under ADFS. The E40S with the FileStore dealer test disc.
My third 65C102 Turbo co-processor. Extras which came with the Bob Beeb.
Now some 32-bit add-ons:
An add-on board for the Archimedes, a Beebug floppy disc buffer. Computer Concepts ROM RAM Podule.
A Vidi Arc podule. Another video podule, this time a Video 256.
The beginning of a long MDFS repair process:
My faithful workhorse MDFS, suddenly out of action after 11 years' service. A repair attempt.
February's update ends with drastic action being taken to try to revive my Good MDFS: a RAM raid!
1st January 2021 Well, let's hope that 2021 is superlatively better than the diabolical horror of the previous twelvemonth. I'm starting with one of my favourite themes, with 8 new sets on Econet:
A little bit more on fixing my Green MDFS. A bit of repair work on my wonky FileStore E01S.
More on the FileStore E01S. Suddenly, the E01S is alive!
But it still has a dodgy floppy! Trying out the FileStore Dealer Test Disc with the FileStores.
Reviving my E40S. And a go at using it.
Next up for 2021 is a major new section about SCSI2SD, the little circuit board which replaces any and every SCSI hard drive with SD-card based storage with the first 8 sets:
The SCSI2SD boards shortly after arrival. Setting up the first board with the utility software.
Formatting SCSI2SD. Initialising SCSI2SD.
SCSI2SD Command set testing. A look at what happens with no SD card in the board.
Imaging the SCSI2SD SD card. XML Configuration settings.
A new year is always a time for you to have a look around the rest of BeebMaster, and you might like to take a peek at these new updates to my Monarchy Pages:
Her Majesty The Queen's visit to Hull in November 2017. The occasion allowed me to get the best pictures yet of the Royal Train.

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