What's New 2020

Please see below for 2020 updates to BeebMaster

2nd April 2020 In these stay-at-home times, I'm here to help you pass the time with more of my Beebing activities:
Syquest SQ5110 cartridge drive. Syquest SQ5200 cartridge drive.
Using Syquest SQ5110 Using Syquest SQ5200
Multi Miniscribes. My collated collection of Dr. Who Videos.
1st March 2020 Here's the fill of this month's update:
The process for making my Level 3 file server master disc, version 2.1. A look at the ANFS user root library.
My new "ReadTime" utility for setting the file server clock. Fixing a dodgy version of *VIEW which had crept in.
The ARM7 co-processor with ADFS 1.53. My external ARM7 co-processor.
A return visit to Camberley in January 2020. There's a feature on my Syquest drives coming next month, so here's a taster.
1st February 2020 Well, Big Ben didn't bong yesterday to signal that we finally got out of Europe four years after voting out, but the Beeb still brrrbeeps, so I'm back again with more of the same.

Another anniversary of note today is that seven years ago this month, my Econet file server had a paddy - and in December 2013 I started the long (and still incomplete) process of putting it back together. Here's the beginning of it all:
A detailed picture set trying to piece together what happened, what's left, and making a long-overdue backup of it all.
Some of my activites away from home:
A day out - or in - at Brighouse. Off to Camberley for the second southern A Bug of 2019!
1st January 2020 New year, new decade, but still in Europe and still more Midwinch! Let's hope I won't be having to say that any more after this update, and to prove that I mean what I say, say what I mean, no ifs, no buts, read my lips, beggaring belief at the tip of the slippery slope of the iceberg's thin end of the wedge, and without having to be found snuffed-it face-down in a dirty puddle, here is the very last of the Midwinch wine, and it's a big un!
Dissecting, disabusing and generally destroying the L3 partition on the MidWinch, for fun and frolics!
Continuing the hard drive theme, but this time back to SCSI discs:
A play about with my lunatic Miniscribe. A look at checking the amount of free space on a large SCSI drive.
And a couple of sets on how to get along famously with the card image files used in my CF drives:
A Linux tool for converting CF card disc images. Fuse ADFS, a Linux tool allowing direct mounting of ADFS hard disc images.
As the third decade of the twenty-first century begins, I hope you will spare the time for a healthy scrat around BeebMaster and discover some of my non-Acorn themed sections to see my latest updates to my pages on Monarchy, Doctor Who and Tea.

For 8271 Disc and Econet hunters, a visit to the BeebShop will prove worthwhile as I still have some Econet and 8271 kits for sale.

Please come back in early February for more!

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