What's New 2019

Please see below for 2019 updates to BeebMaster

4th March 2019 A 32-bit update this month, again drawn from the Dave Moore collection:
An Acorn A3010 with hard drive. Using the A3010.
An Acorn A3020 but with no hard drive. Using the A3020.
1st February 2019 More now of the eclectic Dave Moore collection for this February update:
An Acorn Econet Bridge. A MicroEye video system.
Rack-based Beeb-in-a-box. An Acorn A3000 with Simtec memory upgrade, and a set on using it as well.
1st January 2019 Happy 2019! Here's the first update of the new year:
A rare unmolested BBC Model A from the Dave Moore collection. Using the BBC Model A.
And a 1770 BBC B+. Using the BBC B+.
Copying ROMs on the B+. And using the sideways ROM sockets.
As ever at this time of year, I hope you will take a moment to have a good rummage round BeebMaster and discover some of my non-Acorn related pages. For Econet hunters, a visit to the BeebShop will prove worthwhile as I still have some Econet gear for sale. And if you're quick, you might bag a major bargain on E-Bay.

Please come back in early February for more!

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