What's New 2017

Please see below for 2017 updates to BeebMaster

1st June 2017 Take a look at today's offering:
A new set showing the Find function on the Domesday Community Disc. Key to features found in Community Disc maps.
More on my collection of BBC Video laserdisc, showing the 6000 catalogue series. And the 7000 series.
Sometimes errors creep in, as shown here.... ...and here.
1st May 2017 Here's what I have for you on this, the 14th anniversary of the founding of the BeebMaster website:
8 new picture sets all about my Digital Services Digistore, with new photographs and sets showing the Digistore in use, backup, restore, Streamer Control ROM, OSWORD calls, utilities, sector reading and SCSI command calls. My first outing of 2017, the BeebMaster annual trip to the Wakefield Acorn and RISC OS Computer Show.
A special look at my favourite item from Wakefield 2017, the very rare Acorn Communicator. My annual anniversary update brings with it the customary appeal to all visitors to have a trawl around the site and remember not to neglect my sections dedicated to non-Acorn topics - why not start with a look at my Royal section, with new picture sets showing a visit to the Royal Mews and Gloriana.
8th April 2017 Here's what I have for you today:
Using the CLD-D515 with a CLV laserdisc. And now a CD-Video.
On the subject of playback media, here's an update to my collection of 1000 series BBC Video laserdiscs. And the start of my 5000 series collection of discs.
3rd March 2017 As the snow clears, let's see what March brings:
My last ever look at Teletext before the analogue switch-off, from a Yorkshire hotel room in July 2011. Another addition to my collection of laserdisc players, the Pioneer CLD-D515.
A video showing the internal workings of the CLD-D515. Using the CLD-D515 with a CAV laserdisc.
6th February 2017 Today is a special Royal update, for what has been termed - mainly by coin manufacturers - the Sapphire Jubilee, and the first one this country has ever had, at that! However we term it, today sees the record-breaking 65th anniversary of the accession of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and I hope you will take a look at the colourful pageantry of the Mexico State Visit from March 2015 to mark this miraculous milestone.
6th January 2017 2017 is here and I'm back with these first updates for the new year:
I've revamped and updated my section on Domesday Rescue to include my 30th anniversary antics. A set showing Domesday Rescue going on during 2014.
Testing the newly copied Domesday data under ADFS. More efforts during 2016 at rescuing the Domesday Data.
Back in November, I was allowed out into the Community to a Beeb-related meet-up in Bolton. On the subject of shows, here's something that officially formed part of my attendance at last year's Wakefield show - a set showing Arthur OS.
I hope you will take the opportunity of the new year to have a good look round BeebMaster, and that invitation is also extended to my new fans over on Reddit, who discovered the Domesday Project during the last few minutes of 2016. I'll be back in early February with more!

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