What's New 2020

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1st January 2020 New year, new decade, but still in Europe and still more Midwinch! Let's hope I won't be having to say that any more after this update, and to prove that I mean what I say, say what I mean, no ifs, no buts, read my lips, beggaring belief at the tip of the slippery slope of the iceberg's thin end of the wedge, and without having to be found snuffed-it face-down in a dirty puddle, here is the very last of the Midwinch wine, and it's a big un!
Dissecting, disabusing and generally destroying the L3 partition on the MidWinch, for fun and frolics!
Continuing the hard drive theme, but this time back to SCSI discs:
A play about with my lunatic Miniscribe. A look at checking the amount of free space on a large SCSI drive.
And a couple of sets on how to get along famously with the card image files used in my CF drives:
A Linux tool for converting CF card disc images. Fuse ADFS, a Linux tool allowing direct mounting of ADFS hard disc images.
As the third decade of the twenty-first century begins, I hope you will spare the time for a healthy scrat around BeebMaster and discover some of my non-Acorn themed sections to see my latest updates to my pages on Monarchy, Doctor Who and Tea.

For 8271 Disc and Econet hunters, a visit to the BeebShop will prove worthwhile as I still have some Econet and 8271 kits for sale.

Please come back in early February for more!

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