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What's New 2003

Please see below for all the updates to BeebMaster during 2003

27th December 2003 There's more on how to build your own Econet and today I am showing you where to put the Clock and the terminators and how to set the Econet station number. You'll find it all here.
26th December 2003 I have finished by page on wiring up the network and you can get to it here.
24th December 2003 This is the last update before Christmas, folks, so I hope you like it!

I have added another instalment to my Econet help section here and I have introduced a new section for all you number-crunchers out there, BeebStats.
22nd December 2003 A second attempt at Domesday took place on 14th December and you can see it here.

You can also see the Laserdisc Remote Control here.
21st December 2003 My section on Econet interfaces now includes the rare Acorn A4 module which you can see here.

Along with my Domesday Discs came another, fully working LV-ROM player and you can see it here.
16th December 2003 I have a set of Domesday Discs and you can see them here.
11th December 2003 Just a quick update today. For anybody struggling to format a disc on the BBC Model B, I have added my own format routine to the BeebHelp section here.
1st December 2003 Over a year after I first promised it, I have begun work on my guide to creating your very own Econet network. There is a lot more to do, but to get you going, the first section is here.

I have also had time to publish a few more of my Acorn letters here.
30th November 2003 I have been updating my Domesday section today. You can see the first pictures of my Laserdisc Players here as well as my first attempt at putting together my own Domesday System here.
23rd November 2003 Another long-overdue revamp has been completed today, namely my section on the BBC Master Series. Each machine now has its own page and they can be viewed here.
21st November 2003 The revamp of my Cheese Wedges section I began in October is now complete. You can see a full list of all the Cheese Wedges I own with links to pages about them here.
20th November 2003 I have expanded my section on the Domesday Project and starting putting in pictures and descriptions of all the different elements which make up a Domesday Machine. It is not finished yet but there is plenty to get your teeth into for the time being here.
19th November 2003 Today I have added an entirely new set of pages about Station 128. These days, it's got speech, 1770 and sideways RAM and you can learn all about them here!
16th November 2003 At last I have a working Acorn A4 and you see it in action right here.
13th November 2003 Some more additions to my new BeebSpares section today. Take a look if you need a replacement part!
3rd November 2003 I have been busy buying again and you can read about my latest acquisitions here.
Today I can announce my expanded BeebShop with the brand-new BeebSpares section. Gradually I am building up a stock of as many Beeb spare parts as I can get my hands on. They are all totally brand new and you can see the first batch of arrivals at the BeebShop.
22nd October 2003 I have begun my long overdue revamp of the Cheese Wedges section and you can see the first instalment here.
17th October 2003 At last I have tried out my Cumana Touchpad and you can see the result here.
12th October 2003 For today's update, I have added some more scans of the Acorn Letters and put up some pictures of the ultra-rare Domesday Machine SCSI Interface.
5th October 2003 I have dug out my 1991 correspondence file and been busy scanning the Acorn letters. I have done the first batch and you can see my collection of replies from the greatest computer company of them all here
4th October 2003 Some more updates today, with what I hope is now a definitive guide to all the Econet Interfaces produced for the BBC and later, more on my Domesday Project page and at last some pictures of my IEEE488 Adapter.

I would like to thank everyone who has visited BeebMaster since the launch in May. Your support has taken me crashing through the 1,000 hits barrier today! Special thanks must be due to all those who have been kind enough to e-mail me with their experiences of the good old Beeb. If you've seen anything on my site you remember from years ago, don't be shy, please e-mail me with your reminiscences!

As a celebratory gesture for my first 1,000 hits, it's a big update today so please take a look at my new high-quality pictures of the American Econet Clock and Terminator, my Akhter Host Adapter board, and the beginning of my section on the Domesday Project.
28th September 2003 I have expanded my Coming Soon section with the latest arrivals and put a little bit of detail about each as a teaser. Read about it here.
15th September 2003 As I am inundated with new Beeb arrivals at the moment, I have decided to start a new "Coming Soon" to keep you drooling until I get round to putting everything on the website. Commence salivating here.
5th September 2003 I have had a flood of e-mails (well, two, but both in the same week!) telling me that I have missed the ARM Evaluation System from my Cheese Wedges list. I have rectified this gaping omission and what I hope to be the complete list is here!
31st August 2003 At long last, my Acknowledgements and Links page is ready and you can see it here.
25th August 2003 I have given my Doctor Who pages a fresh look with a new logo and lots more pages. Well, it is the 40th anniversary after all! From now all, all Dr. Who updates will be listed separately in the Dr. Who section which you can see here.
24th August 2003 As part of my continuing commitment to improving picture quality, I have totally revamped my section on Econet Interfaces with pictures you can actually see! Take a look here.
23rd August 2003 I am pleased to report that one of my Broken Beebs has been repaired here.

I am making some improvements to the picture quality of some of the images on my website and you can read about the changes I am making here.

Finally, I have opened my BeebWants section so please take a look here in case you have anything I want!
19th August 2003 Along with the American Econet Clock, I received an American Econet Terminator. This hitherto unknown type of Terminator is here.
17th August 2003 In another totally exciting find, I have discovered a new type of Econet clock previously unheard of! Click here to read about the American Econet Clock!
16th August 2003 I have finished my pages on my new Econet Test Box. This is a rare find and a very exciting one. You can see it here
11th August 2003 I'm back! I have been busily collecting lots of goodies over the last couple of weeks and they will be appearing on my website over the next week. The first is a very exciting find: the actual original prototype Econet interfaces for the BBC Master, hand-made by Acorn! You can see them here!
26th July 2003 I have put full instructions on fitting a BBC Model B Disc Upgrade in the BeebHelp section.
19th July 2003 I am slowly expanding the BeebShop. My BBC Model B Econet kits are ready and I am also selling Econet leads and network cable. You can buy them all here.
13th July 2003 I have added some new pages to my BeebHelp section which you can find here.
12th July 2003 I have updated my pages on Station 1 and Station 128 following recent changes to these two machines.
Today I am also launching a new section, BeebHelp, which is going to be an online reference for BBC users. I have also put my general information pages under BeebHelp as these were previously only accessible by visiting certain related pages.
4th July 2003 In case you are wondering what BeebMaster is all about, I have put a page all about BeebMaster here.
28th June 2003 I have added more to my Econet help section by putting up pages of general information about Socket Boxes and Terminators. You can visit my Econet help section here!
18th June 2003 I am gradually putting up pages about my favourite Doctor Who stories and you can read the latest additions here
14th June 2003 I have started work on my Econet help section by putting up pages of general information about Econet Clocks and Acorn FileStores. You can visit my Acorn Econet help section here!
12th June 2003 Today I opened my BeebShop so if you are after a BBC Model B, Master, disc drive, printer, 8271 controller or complete disc upgrade kit or a blank disc formatted for use with your Econet, then visit the BeebShop here
10th June 2003 Sorry it's been a while since the last update, but I am able to announce a very exciting purchase: a brand-new, unopened, unused, boxed SJ Research Econet Bridge!!
30th May 2003 Over the bank holiday weekend, I added my Master 512 to my Econet as Station 201 and you can see it here.
This involved a bit of rearranging things and I have updated Station 200.
24th May 2003 Today I joined the Acorn 8 Bit Webring. There is a link to the Webring on my Homepage and you can see the Webring Hub here
22nd May 2003 I have finished my expanded section on Station 254 and can at last announce my Acorn FileStore E20! Don't miss it!
18th May 2003 Whilst playing with my BBC Econet at the weekend, I decided to expand the section on Station 254. The first part about my FileStore E01 is here.
17th May 2003 Well ahead of schedule, I have finished documenting my Greatest Ever Find and the complete record is here.
16th May 2003 Added some more links on my Greatest Ever Find. I have still got about a dozen pages to do. I hope to get these done over the weekend and uploaded by Monday evening.
15th May 2003 I have spent the last two nights documenting and photographing my greatest ever find. I have taken 280 pictures using up 1 GB of hard drive space to bring to you more on my Greatest Ever Find. But it's not finished yet so please come back soon for more!
12th May 2003 Today I went out and came back with my greatest ever find! Read about it here!
12th May 2003 Added links to The Daleks and The Chase in my Top Twenty Favourite Doctor Who Stories
10th May 2003 Added my new Acorn 6502 Second Processor to my Other Things
5th May 2003 Updated my Politics Pages with the Welsh summary results and the Local Government results and a page on how I converted the results and a BBC disc download.
4th May 2003 Added my new Politics Pages with pages on the Scottish and Welsh elections. Please take a look!
1st May 2003 BeebMaster launched - I hope you like it!
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