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What's New 2004

Please see below for all the updates to BeebMaster in 2004

20th December 2004 The final update to my MDFS is here: make sure you don't miss the MDFS Syquest Drive. In case you haven't seen one of these before, there is more about it here.
29th November 2004 Yes, as promised, there is another instalment of my MDFS so please take a look at the MDFS Tape Drive and remember to come back soon for more!
18th November 2004 The MDFS seems to have got a few of you quite excited, so today's update reveals a bit more. Click here to see it!

It's not finished yet so come back soon for more!
8th November 2004 You won't believe it when you see it, but the first picures of my SJ Research MDFS are here. It's just a teaser of what's to come so keep watching out for updates!
1st November 2004 The BeebMaster October bonanza is over and many thanks to everybody who helped me see a bit more carpet! I've still got a few Masters left and plenty of disc and Econet upgrade kits for sale for anybody who needs them.

Recently, I've been contemplating a return to E-Bay selling after my retirement from it in July of this year. If anybody has an opinion on it, please e-mail me with your thoughts.

I have finished off the revamped page on my SJ Research Econet Bridge which you can see here.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have taken delivery of some very exciting items so please check out my Coming Soon page for what to expect in the near future!
11th October 2004 It's just been "Fun With Econet Bridges" weekend! Oh yes, what larks I had using an Econet Bridge for the very first time.

I know you have all been holding your breath since I put up my SJ Research Bridge page promising more to come. I know that was nearly 18 months ago, but for anybody who hasn't suffocated, my updated SJ Research Econet Bridge page is here!

And there's another whole set of pictures about using the Bridge due very soon - keep watching this space!

In the middle of the excitement, I have had time to update my page on Acorn Serial Numbers.
27th September 2004 BEEBMASTER CELEBRATES 5,000 HITS!!

Wow, that was quick!

Ultra thanks yet again to everybody who has visited BeebMaster and to all those who write in with what have been utterly positive comments all round!

I have not been as busy with my digital camera recently as I might have liked but don't panic, there are some exciting updates coming before Christmas!

Before then, I am pleased to announce the BeebShop October Bonanza so take a look as everything is half-price until 31st October!! It's got to be the sale of the century!

If there is anything you would like to see on BeebMaster or have a question about anything Beeb or Econet related, then please ask!
9th August 2004 I have expanded my section on Econet interfaces to include a survey of the different upgrades to the BBC Model B. You can learn about them here.

Just a reminder to anybody involved with the Domesday Machine in 1986 - my Domesday Section has loads of information about the Domesday Project and the most extensive collection of Domesday Machine screenshots anywhere on the internet. I would love to hear reminiscences from anyone involved in any way with the world's first ever multimedia computer so please e-mail me!
18th July 2004 For today's update, you can learn all about the BBC Master Compact.

Another milestone has been passed and my thanks once again to everybody who has helped me notch up so many hits so quickly!

I thought I'd celebrate by putting up some more of my Acorn letters, taking us to the end of 1991. If you haven't seen them before, please do take a look at my Acorn Letters.

Occasionally I forget to upload the odd picture or make a gaffe with my HTML code (which is all my own work without any artificial aids) so broken links do manifest themselves now and again on BeebMaster. If you find any, please report them here.
7th June 2004 A few bits and pieces added for today's update: a BBC Micro with an interesting cover, the nearest I have got to find the Domesday Machine Manuals and an update to my page on the Acorn Serial Numbers.
1st June 2004 Huge thanks to everybody who visited the BeebShop to take advantage of my Birthday Bonanza Sale! The stuff I have shifted has helped to clear some much needed space around here! Watch out for more special offers on more special occasions in the future!

For today's update, I have revised and expanded my section on the BBC Microcomputer which was long overdue for a revamp.
30th May 2004 Earlier this month, I was lucky to get hold of a second Level 1 Terminator and a Level 1 Econet Clock. This was the first time I had ever seen a Level 1 Clock and now everybody can see it here. I have also updated my page on Econet Clocks.
22nd May 2004 I've kept you all waiting quite long enough - here is the Torch Z80.

I have also used today's update to fix some broken links. If you discover anything not working, please let me know.
10th May 2004 I devoted the recent Bank Holiday weekend to getting the Z80 going. You can see the first part today, about the Acorn Z80, but look out for the Torch Z80 coming soon!

Yes, folks, it's my first anniversary and the first thing to do is to thank absolutely everyone who has visited my website over the last twelve months. If you've been to BeebMaster before, or if this is your first time, and you haven't stopped by to say hello, then please do !

It's a very special update today. For a start, everything is half-price at the BeebShop until the end of May.

That's not all, because today I am bringing you those Domesday pics you've all been waiting for! I have added 189 screenshots of the Domesday Machine in action in 199 brand new pages of HTML! It's the biggest update since BeebMaster began! There are four picture sets on using the Community Disc and six picture sets on the National Disc. I do hope you will take a look at them here.

Maybe this will spur some of you into writing to me with your Domesday Memories. I really want to get this section going, so if you were involved with Domesday, perhaps a school child writing about your local area, or on the project team at the BBC or Acorn or Philips, or you took some of the photographs for one of the Domesday Walks, or you helped to put together the picture sets in the Gallery or you owned or used a Domesday Machine in 1986, then please, please, please contact me.
27th April 2004 Today's update is of my new BBC B with the UDM double-density disc system. Please click here to discover more about the little-known UDM DDFS system.
19th April 2004 Another update to the Econet Help section today, with full details of how to run a Level 2 File Server here.
13th April 2004 I have spent the Easter weekend taking 417 pictures of the Domesday System in operation. I am saving these for a special occasion, but in the meantime and for the more technically-minded amongst you, I have put a new set all about controlling the Domesday VFS from the OSWORD command here.
11th April 2004 I have made another update to my Econet section. You can learn all about how to get the Level 1 File Server running here.

Huge thanks again to everyone who has helped me to notch up another 1,000 hits in just over two months.

To commemorate the occasion, I am appealing for people to let me know what they want to see in my BeebHelp section, so if you want to know about 6502 assembly language programming, controlling the Teletext system from assembler, how to control the Acorn Speech System or anything else Beeb-related, just drop me a line.

Today, you can learn all about the 32-bit Econet module Acorn introduced for the A3020 and A4000 here.
5th April 2004 I am the proud owner of an Opus Challenger 3 in 1 and you can learn all about this combined disc drive, disc interface and RAM disc here.
29th March 2004 There is an update to my Acorn Serial Numbers page together with the next instalment in my series on how to Build your own Econet.
22nd March 2004 I have started a page about Acorn Serial Numbers which you can read about here.
1st March 2004 I am very excited to own one of the first Econet Terminator boxes and you can see it here. You can learn all about the full range of Econet terminators here.
25th February 2004 By popular demand, I have added a page on my SJ Research Nexus Box here.
23rd February 2004 Two more sections on the Domesday VFS commands can be seen at the Domesday section here.

In response to some difficulties a number of people were having with following links on BeebMaster, I have updated all the references in all the HTML pages (yes, all 552 pages!) so all the bugs should be ironed out by now. If you find any links or pictures not working, please report them here.
21st February 2004 I have added another page to the series on using the Domesday Machine which you can see here. And just in case you thought I had been sitting idle not doing anything, you can have a sneak preview of some of my latest acquisitions here.
9th February 2004 Over the weekend, I toiled with Domesday Attempt 3, but it was worth it as I can report a fully working Domesday Machine. You can learn all about it here.

I have also begun a series on using the Domesday Machine here.
2nd February 2004 The latest update to my section on building your own Econet shows you how to set the network clock.
23rd January 2004 BEEBMASTER CELEBRATES 2,000 HITS!!

Today is a special day as I have reached 2,000 hits since the launch of BeebMaster in May 2003. I would like to thank everyone who has visited BeebMaster and especially those who have taken the trouble to write to me with their favourite memories of 8-bit times of old. If there is anything on BeebMaster that has caught your eye and sent memories flooding back, I'd love to hear from you, so please e-mail me.

I am particularly keen to start a section on people's memories of the Domesday Project, so if you were involved in any way at all with Domesday, please let me know your thoughts!

To celebrate 2,000 hits, I am excited and delighted to announce the BeebMaster Econet Module for sale now at the BeebShop, hot off the...well, er..whatever circuit boards come hot off! And as a special offer, the BeebMaster Sideways RAM Module is half-price until the end of February!
12th January 2004 My Atom weekend is over and it ended in total success! Yes, the Atom is alive!!! I've updated yesterday's Atom page here!

I have also updated my BeebSpares page to cross-reference the items I have with those found in the Atom. If you need a replacement part for the Acorn Atom, the chances are I might just have what you are after!
11th January 2004 I've decided it's Atom weekend so I have made an effort to dig out my Acorn Atom from the box it came in about three months ago and see if I can get it working. You can see it here. If you are struggling with your own Atom with no power supply, you can find a bit of help here.
2nd January 2004 There's another update to my Domesday Project section today with images of the scarce Ecodisc.
1st January 2004 I thought I'd start the new year with an update of the Acorn Letters, which includes a six-page potted history of Acorn computers from 1979 to 1991.

For updates during 2003, please click here.