BeebMaster - What's New 2005

What's New 2005

Please see below for all the updates to BeebMaster in 2005

4th December 2005 Believe it or not, I do in fact have three MDFSes! The first one I bought is dead, the second one is my Main MDFS and the third one I bought is my second MDFS and you can see them all here!
28th November 2005 From first to last in one easy update! Well, almost, as today's update introduces one of Acorn's last-ever machines, the Network Computer which I hope you will take a moment to look at.
31st October 2005 For today's update I thought I would let you have a look at the fledgling Acorn System I have. It's not complete but you can see it here!
30th September 2005 It's been a bit longer than I had been hoping, but by popular demand (well, one of you wrote in!) I have expanded the pages on my ROMBox so I hope you will take a look. There's plenty more coming soon so please check back in a while!
10th August 2005 BeebMaster's back!

My web hosting people have very kindly uploaded all 60,041,686 bytes of BeebMaster for me so the site should be fully operational. If anything isn't working, please let me know.

If you e-mailed me between 1st and 6th August and I haven't responded, please try again.

There will be a proper update very soon so please come back shortly!
6th August 2005 Whether it was all those hits I've just notched up, I don't know, but the server hosting BeebMaster has crashed meaning the site is not available at the moment. BeebMaster will be back and it will be soon!
1st August 2005 BEEBMASTER CELEBRATES 10,000 HITS!!

On 14th March, I speculated on how long it would be until BeebMaster reached 10,000 hits. The answer was just over four months, which I think is pretty good going!

A hit milestone update would not be complete without my customary thanks to all those who have helped me manage this glorious achievement, with a special mention as always to those who have been kind enough to write in with their reminiscences from the golden age of British computing. Please keep them coming!

The BeebMaster PhotoBank is stocked with over 180 images of various things Acorn still to be uploaded so there will be plenty more updates to come before the year is out. For a sneak preview, have a look here.

Today's update centres once again around my favourite subject of Econet. A much-needed update to my Econet Interfaces page now comprehensively catalogues all the Econet interfaces ever created (I think!) and can be seen here!
4th July 2005 I know it's been a while, but fear not, BeebMaster has not been resting idle!

In fact, I have actually been spending some time trying out my latest acquisitions instead of spending the whole weekend snapping them!

For today's update, take a look at this slightly unusual Econet item here.

On the subject of Econet, I was looking at my section on building an Econet and I thought, "How dull!" It's in need of reinvigorating with some images so I have undertaken a project of photographing the whole process of setting up File Servers. It is nearly complete and will be appearing here very soon!

31st May 2005 I know what you're all thinking - another bank holiday weekend, so another mega-update for BeebMaster! Well, today's update is a little less extensive than I might have hoped as I have spent most of the weekend in work so I am afraid you will have to settle for the time being for some lovely pictures of my BBC Model B+.
16th May 2005 Today's update includes my Oldham Overlay Keyboard.

Now all the politicking is over, you might like to have a look here.

I can't believe I've been doing this for two whole years! It has all been such enormous fun. I thought to celebrate, I would release a set of Econet-related updates, so please take a look at my revamped pages for Station 254 with all new picture sets of my FileStore E01 and E20.

I am pleased to announce the first-ever internet pictures of the insides of an MDFS and a picture set for my Stacking FileStore.

As if that wasn't enough, all my non-BBC related sections have received birthday updates which you can see here.

I have just bought a new digital camera after my current one conked out on me at the end of January so I will be using the rest of the Bank Holiday Weekend to take some snaps of some recent acquisitions, so please keep your eye on this page for more updates very soon.

In the meantime, a vast thank-you to everyone who has visited BeebMaster over the last two years, allowing me to clock up just over 8,200 hits. Special thanks to all those who have written in with a few words. No celebratory update would be complete without my customary appeal for anybody who is too shy to have come forward so far to get in touch with me on the subject of all things Acorn which you can do here or failing that, here.
18th April 2005 I reckoned that the Acorn Letters could do with an update so I have put all the letters from 1991 online and I will be starting work on the 1992 batch very soon.

The more astute among you will have noticed that there is something a teeny bit political going on out there so now is a perfect time to remind everybody about my Politics Pages with particular reference to this bit here.
14th March 2005 BEEBMASTER CELEBRATES 7,500 HITS!!

It's been a while since we had a hit milestone but now I've gone through 7,500 so my thanks yet again to everyone who has helped clock up another load of hits. Let's see how long it is before we get to 10,000...

I thought for today's update you might like to see my Double Winchester Disc, put together by my own fair hand and providing just short of 60MB of ADFS storage! I've also put a new page in my BeebHelp section on how to format BBC Winchester discs properly.
7th March 2005 Another Cheese Wedge for today's update - the Acorn Econet Bridge which you can see here.
15th February 2005 Two very exciting items for today's update - the Cheese Wedge version of the IEEE488 Interface and a long overdue re-vamped section dedicated to one of my all-time favourite bits of Beeb hardware, my Technomatic Winchester Disc.
25th January 2005 OK, OK, OK, a real update today!! New pictures and everything - it's very exciting but I am not going to tell you what it is so you will have to see for yourself!

I would like to remind all visitors to BeebMaster that I am a proud member of the Acorn 8-Bit Webring and I really do recommend that you take a look at some of the other splendid BBC micro sites around by visiting the Webring here.
19th January 2005 Just in case anybody was wondering how to contact me, there is now a comprehensive section on how to get hold of me here.
1st January 2005 Happy New Year to everybody and for the first update of 2005, you can see my Acorn Winchester Disc in all its glory!

I have also given my Carry On Pages a revamp for the new year, so please take a look here.

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