What's New 2007

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4th December 2007 Today's update finishes off my pages on the FileStore E01s & E40S with a detailed look at the FileStore E40S.

Yes, it's the Diamond Wedding Anniversary of Our Glorious Queen and Consort and to celebrate this unique Royal milestone, there's a very, very special offer for a limited time only at the BeebShop.

A return to Econet for today's update, with a look at my FileStore E01S & E40S.
4th November 2007 A much needed re-vamp of my Acorn 6502 Second Processor in Tesco Cheese Biscuits Box is the first of today's updates, along with a closer look at my Uviprom EPROM Programmer and my Acorn Data Recorder.
30th September 2007 Back to the very beginnings of Acorn for today's update with a look at my Acorn System bits.
20th August 2007 A Teletext-based theme for today's updates with new pictures of my second Teletext Adapter and an update to my Special Features page today, where you can learn all about Using Teletext.
1st July 2007 In today's update, you can see my updated sections on Station 200 and Station 201.

I am also launching today my brand-new section on Tea, and I hope you will take a look!
24th June 2007 I'm back! Sorry if I've been neglecting you a bit of late, but I hope you will like today's update. It's my revamped section on Econet Station 128, with the new layout, brand new pictures and screenshots!

Don't forget to check back soon for even more!

First the birthday, then the hit milestone! A big thank-you to everyone who made it possible, with especial thanks to all those who have got in touch during 2007 to reminisce about these lovely old Acorns we all remember so fondly!

I'm getting on with the big updates I have been promising, but rather more gradually than I had hoped! I've now settled on the new structure which I am very happy with, so this clears the way for the actual updating to be done. I have started by completely updating my pages on Econet Station 1 on my main Econet. This is a flavour of things to come; I hope you like the new layout, which will be replicated in due course for the other stations on my Econet.

In connection with the updated Station 1 section, there are updated pages on my User Port Splitter, Morley Electronics EPROM Programmer, and new sections looking at my favourite word-processor, Inter-Word, and SpellMaster.

Finally for today, I have added a new item to my re-vamped My Beebs section, called Special Features: a section dedicated to a more detailed look at those items which you used day in and day out in the 1980s but you have since forgotten all about!

Still plenty to do - this is a long-term project I've set myself, so please check back regularly for more!

So much has happened in the last twelve months that it is hard to know where to begin. From the huge Domesday updates last November and December to the launch of the BeebMaster Econet Clock earlier this year, it has been another enjoyable year running BeebMaster!

For those of you unfortunate enough to work in one of those large companies where the senior management tip the whole way of working upside down every couple of weeks as a subsitute for real activity, you may wish to look away now!

Yes, as I alluded to last month, I have become the latest to embark upon a re-structure. But fear not, I haven't fired 10,000 employees, cancelled the milk or transferred most of the work to a call centre in a country 4,000 miles away! I have begun to reorganise the "My Beebs" section into what I think is a more logical and manageable layout. I'm not going into all the changes in great detail here, that's for you to discover but I hope you like it!

I've spent so much time during March and April taking new photographs of so many items which are crying out for decent quality pictures that there hasn't been much time for the actual updating! So I'm afraid you will have to make do with the new structure today, but I am hoping to use the coming bank holiday weekend to get some of the picture updates done, so please come back in a week from now to see how I am getting on!
26th April 2007 Two of my more recent acquisions today, the Acorn Winchester Disc and Digistore tape drive which both arrived a week before last Christmas. I hope these will keep you entertained until BeebMaster's birthday next week!
10th April 2007 I hope you all had a good Easter break, lots of eating of Easter eggs and all that! I didn't have time myself, what with sorting out today's update and getting ready for the BeebMaster Birthday next month!

The theme, if there is such a thing, of this year's birthday updates will be one of renewal and reorganisation. There is going to be a big push to replace as many of the lower quality old images, some of which are now four years old, with much higher quality new pictures and screenshots. I am also planning a bit of a revamp to some sections to break up the more unwieldy pages and to make the layout and navigation clearer.

As a preview of what is to come, today I have launched a revised BeebStats section, splitting up the existing single page into smaller, more manageable sections and also added an entirely new bit about the BeebMaster PhotoBank. Why not take a look now!

Before Christmas, you had a brief glimpse of my Watford Co-Pro Adapter before, but today you can see its very own page here.

After a delay of 18 months, I've at long last got round to showing you my SJ Research BEN, which you can now see here.
30th March 2007 Yes, a bit longer than a week but I don't want you to think I've been having a holiday or twiddling my thumbs! I've spent quite a bit of time adding images to the BeebMaster photobank, in readiness for future updates. I'm sure you will recall from previous years that 1st May is usually a busy time for BeebMaster with the annual birthday celebrations, and so I have to start getting ready a good while in advance.

For today's update, you can see the final instalment in my A420/1 series, all about a SCSI upgrade.

Next month's updates will bring you new images of more unseen BeebMaster items, so please come back soon for the latest additions!
3rd March 2007 Oops, how did it get to be March when it was only Christmas the other day? I bet I'm not the only one thinking this so it's only a quick update today. With my Acorn A420/1 came the Learning Curve pack, which you can see more of here.

I hope that keeps you quiet for now but please come back next week for another update!
5th February 2007 A little belatedly, I have realised that 2007 sees the 20th anniversary of the launch of the Archimedes, the advent of 32-bit Acorns, RISC-OS and all that! So for today's update you can see the first pictures of my Archimedes A420/1 which are only just appearing even though I took them 18 months ago!
1st January 2007 The back end of 2006 was such a whirlwind with all the updates for the Domesday Project 20th anniversary that 2007 has crept up on me quicker than I thought!

Not to worry, though, as BeebMaster has another update ready for you on the first day of the new year!

Just before we go into the juicy details, I want to thank everyone who visited the website in November and December 2006 to look at my Domesday section which was updating and expanding on an almost daily basis for much of the period! It was a lot of work but I am pleased with the result and I have been delighted with some of the feedback I have received. It's no surprise that we blasted through 20,000 hits at the end of November and I am well on the way to 21,000 hits already!

That's enough of the Domesday Project for now, though. We're back to the traditional BeebMaster colour scheme for the start of this new year and today's update relates to an item I've had for about 6 months now but it's only just being shown in public today - my Xebec Winchester controller board.

I always try to give some of my non-Acorn sections a bit of an update for the new year, so I hope you will take a look here to have a poke around my other interest pages.

I have joined a new Acorn 8-bit webring which was formed just after Christmas and replaces the old webring which had been defunct for several months. You will see the new links on my home page and I hope you will take a look at some of the other sites in the webring. If you have a BBC-micro related website, you will find a link to instructions on how to join the ring and I would encourage anyone on the old webring and with a Beeb-related site to get involved!

And don't forget to pop along to the BeebShop before you go to pre-order your brand-new BeebMaster Econet Clock!

For previous updates, please see here.