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22nd December 2008 Yes, yes, I know! The last update wasn't a real update, just some tinkering about with the homepage! Well, to make up for it, today's update is real!

Before I get to that, though, it's only right for me to thank all those who took advantage of the BeebShop's special Royal Birthday sale last month! It went so well that I ran out of one or two things, and I've been busy with the soldering iron and what-not to replenish my stocks!

Today, I'm returning to the theme of the Master 512 with the next section in my detailed (but rather slow-developing) series on setting up and using the machine. This time, it's all about how to make a copy of the boot disc, which you can see here. Remember, those original DOS Plus discs might only last twenty-five years or so!

It's that time of year again, so please take a look at my newest entry in my Christmas... series here.

That's it for 2008, but I'll be back on 1st January, so please come back and see me as soon as you've let the New Year in!
Don't panic! I'm not dead! I'm not even bankrupt! Sorry if I've been neglecting you all for such a long period of time, but I promise I'll try to do better in the future.

There's a bit of a new look for BeebMaster today. I have re-created the BeebMaster logo. It is slightly bigger than before (although the new size will not show up on all pages immediately) and is hopefully sharper and clearer than the previous version. I've given some of my sections their own logos in the same style.

I have streamlined the BeebMaster front page, reducing the links table from 16 items to 12. I have removed the Coming Soon and Disclaimers sections, merged BeebStats with Beeb Inventory, and About BeebMaster with Contact BeebMaster. All the remaining links now have their own images.

To compensate for the removal of the "Coming Soon" section, the "What's New" image will change at each update with a sneak preview of something from the latest update.

Anyway, enough of me! Today is the sixtieth birthday of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, and I am celebrating with a BeebShop discount sale which runs till the end of November - visit the BeebShop now for more offers than you can shake a daffodil at!
1st August 2008 I didn't want to leave it too long this time, there's a lot of unfinished business I've started! Today's update adds another new expanded and updated section to my Econet hardware pages, all about Econet Terminators, those vital but elusive little network end pieces!
14th July 2008 Well, it's been a while! Quite a while in fact, so I hope today's update will be worth your while! I've been on far too many holidays since the birthday update, but I'm back now!

Firstly, I want to thank all those who took part in the BeebShop Birthday sale, which ran for the whole of May, which again has put a few bob into the BeebMaster coffers for future expansion!

Today I am bringing you the second instalment in my new Master 512 section, with a closer look at Using DOS Plus.

I've finally replaced the tiny, blurry pictures of my first ever 6502 cheese wedge with some new high-quality ones, which you can see here.

2008 has so far been an Econet-free zone, so it's time to change all that with the first of my revamped pages about Econet hardware from my Econet Help section, all about Econet Socket Boxes, from Acorn to SJ Research, to split socket boxes, T-pieces, and there's even a mention for those Digital Services Solderless Crimp Outlets!

It's hard for me to believe that I have been doing this for five years. In some ways it only seems like yesterday that I was playing about with my little webcam capturing some snapshots of my Beeb items, but in other ways it has become such a part of my way of life over the last five years that it feels like I have always been doing this!

I've chalked up over 35,000 hits since May 2003, and heard from dozens, if not hundreds, of people connected with the BBC micro in so many different ways. I hope that you will continue to get in touch with me with tales from days of yore, or information or requests for help. You can always get me at and I'll try to get back to you.

I am continuing the theme which has defined 2008 so far with another new item not previously seen on BeebMaster, my Electron Plus 1 which I hope you will take a look at.

A departure from this, however, forms another part of today's update. It is my new section on the BBC Master 512 which I think is going to be very exciting. Today sets the scene by looking at the Master 512 hardware and getting going in the DOS Plus operating system, but there's much more to come on using DOS Plus, copying the system floppy discs, running the GEM software suite, using hard discs with the Master 512, and third party ROMs CPFS and Fastboot, so please come back soon for more!
21st April 2008 So far, 2008 has been a year of new items for BeebMaster. I've been bringing you things not previously seen on my website, and I thought I would continue in the same spirit for today's update - my Acorn Prestel Adapter and I hope you will click on the link to take a look!
24th March 2008 Yep, you were right! You knew I'd be back over Easter and here I am! A long bank holiday weekend is always a good time for a website update. I'm pleased to say that I have received some very nice messages about by new Electron pages and so, spurred on by this feedback, today's update is a first look at the Acorn Electron in action, which I hope you will pop along to here.
31st January 2008 Better late than never, I'm back to wish you a happy new year!

The first update of 2008 sees the launch of a new section all about the Acorn Electron so I hope you will take a look!

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