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24th December 2011 Continuing the Domesday theme, I thought I would start today's update with a little trick I sometimes use to ensure the cursor always appears in Beeb screenshots: it was originally done on Domesday 2010 and you can see how it's done here.

I want to focus on the Domesday National Disc today, so there are also over 300 pictures in new sets showing Starting the National Disc, and with the information overlay on, LV Info with the National Disc, a detailed tour of the Domesday Gallery, plus an extensive look at using Maps, and a tutorial on how to view National Disc Film Sequences.

A breather from Domesday now for my festive pages - and a return to another of my favourite topics. If you find yourself at a loose end over the Christmas period, you might want to have a go at what I did just before the holidays - take a look here.

That's all for 2011, but I'll be back very early on in the Diamond Jubilee New Year - see you soon!
25th November 2011 At 7.30 this morning, the postman popped round with another five BBC Video laserdisc titles to add to my collection, which I thought was a very auspicious start to the day: you see, today's the day, 25 years ago, that the Domesday Discs were published and the Domesday Project was launched. I hope you will take a good look at my updated Domesday section.

There are over 320 new pictures in 11 picture sets, starting with photographs of the happy occasion when I was able to repair my good VP415 which had broken down in 2010 - you can see 47 pictures of the final repair sessions here, then 9 images of my first recording session with the repaired machine here.

For the quarter-century of Domesday comes another incarnation of my own Domesday Machine, which I decided to call Domesday XXV. In this section you can see 17 pictures showing how I put together the Domesday XXV setup in the summer of 2011, plus another 9 images I made whilst creating the XXV Logo, and then going bang up to date with a 12-picture set taken today - yes today - showing me assembling and testing Domesday XXV on the exact anniversary.

There's more on using the Videodisc Filing System, too, with 45 pictures on using VFS OSWORD Calls, 104 pictures on using the VFS Video Commands, 40 pictures on using the Trackerball, plus 21 new pictures on Starting the Community Disc, 14 more with the Information Overlay on and 4 pictures showing the Community Disc being used with LV-Info.

That's all for today, but it's far from all - I still have well over 2,400 new Domesday and Laservision related images so there's plenty for me still to do!
1st November 2011 I'm using today's update as an opportunity to finish the picture sets I started last time on my Sony LDP-1500P. I've also continued with the theme of my other laserdisc players by bringing you a picture set of my Philips VP380.

Despite promising wall-to-wall Domesday last time, I've only been skirting around the edges of the realms of Domesday so far in this 25th anniversary year. I'm putting this right here with the first properly Domesday-related picture set - please take a look at my set on using Filing System calls under VFS here.

There's much, much more along similar, related and dissimilar lines to come before the month is out, so please check back soon!
1st October 2011 It's wall-to-wall Domesday from now until the 25th anniversary towards the end of next month, and to set the stage, I've finally brought to life my section about the laserdisc players in my collection which aren't the "Domesday" one. I hope you will get yourselves in the Domesday mood by taking a look here.
1st September 2011 I think you'll know by now that I am about two-and-a-half years behind taking a photo of something Beeby and it turning up on here; well today it's back to March 2009 for a set of pictures I took back then of my Acorn Network Computer.

After you've been there, we can go bang up to date with my most recent Beebing session, only a couple of weeks ago. I do normally wait a while, but I felt this was important, because I've finally got some modern SCSI-2 hard discs to work when connected up to a BBC host adapter. This has been a bit of a mild obsession for me for the last 9 or 10 years, so I didn't want to wait to bring you the good news. You can read all about my SCSI success in 6 sets with almost 200 pictures here.

I've taken this opportunity to re-organise the My Beebs page so that you can see more of my collection directly from that page, without having to visit the old "Other Things" page to see many of my items.

Finally for today's update, I've made a few changes to the BeebShop. I do get quite a lot of requests for individual items which are part of one of my kits or other assembled items. I can't always help, but I have decided to offer DNFS and ANFS ROMs separately, as well as a number of different types of ribbon cables, so if any of that is what you're after, please take a look!
1st August 2011 Since we last assembled here, I've been out into the community. You can see my escapades at the Lass O'Gowrie here. Along with that, you can also have a look at a rare Master 128 with the Cherry type keyboard here.
1st July 2011 First for today, a long overdue re-vamp to my BeebHelp page on setting the BBC B's keyboard links. There's also a new download to go along with it showing all the different settings and effects possible, so please do take a look here.

There's a bit of 32-bit flavour today, too, with a first look at my Archimedes A305, the first in the Archimedes range, and advancing 5 years, the Acorn A4000 and the totally pointless and ill-judged A3010.

If you caught the 6pm homepage picture update on Royal Wedding Day, you'll know that I didn't do badly for photographs of the Royal Wedding. I took about 350 pictures and you can see the best 93 of them here.

I know some of you are getting a bit jittery thinking I don't do any Beebing any more, but don't panic, there's no need to bust an X2 cap, since it's the BeebMaster birthday update I can bring you some reasurringly Acorny pictures today of my trip to Wakefield for the 2011 RISC-OS Show.

I do hope that while you're here you'll take a peek at some of my other non-Acorn pages, including my updated Dr Who section.
29th April 2011 It's the Royal Wedding today and I'm just a short distance away from Buckingham Palace hoping to get a good view of events when things start happening just after 10am. I know you will want to join me in congratulating the happy couple and I hope you've been able to arrange to mark the occasion, whoever and wherever you are, in memorable style.

With a bit of luck I'm hoping I'll have a reasonable picture or two of today's festivities, but you'll have to pop back on 1st May for the BeebMaster Birthday Update to find out if the Canon Powershot has done me proud or let me down!
21st April 2011 Today's update is necessarily brief as I am celebrating the 85th birthday of Her Majesty The Queen at the same time as getting ready to go to London just after Easter to watch the Royal Wedding. While you're here, please take a look at the BeebShop for the Royal Birthday discount sale, and please call back in early May for the next update!
1st March 2011 I've continued the 32-bit theme started last month today, with two new picture sets taking a detailed look at my Acorn A3020.
1st February 2011 Today I've decided to collect together my SJ Research Nexus items into a single place, which you can find here. In addition to my existing pages on my SJ Research BEN and Nexus socket box thing, there are two new items appearing in this new section today - a set of Nexus Podules and a Nexus Hard Disc Sharer.
4th January 2011 I get a feeling that 2011 is going to be a big year for Beebs. It's 30 years since the arrival of the original BBC micro and 25 years since the Master Series was introduced. I can't promise to mark every anniversary which pops up in 2011 on the exact date, but I will be commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Domesday Project towards the end of this year. I prepared a store of material in 2010 just in case my Domesday Machine won't work when November comes round!

On the subject of Domesday, I've still got some catching up to do for the 24th anniversary which I may have mentioned once or twice last November. I've finally finished the last set of updates relating to "Domesday 2010", so - better late than never - you can see my new section of six picture sets using video mixing and overlay with the Domesday LaserVision Player here.

It's the traditional time of year for my appeal to everyone to take a look round my non-BBC micro related pages. You might find something of interest if you click around a bit, and I encourage you to visit here.

For previous updates, please see here.