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1st December 2014 If you've been refreshing the BeebShop page over the last month or so, you'll know that I have been beavering away putting together some more Econet kits for the BBC B. Well, press F5 again, or just go here to buy your kit - the last batch of 26 kits are ready for dispatch, and when they've gone, I won't be doing any more I'm afraid, so this is your last chance to buy them!

When you've done that, you can have a look at my latest venture out into the community at a special meeting of Acorn & Beeb nuts a weekend or two ago, held in Halifax.

That's it for 2014; enjoy whatever you are doing for the next four or five weeks and come back early in 2015 for more!
9th November 2014
11th November 2014
For this special update, you can see how I'm marking Remembrance 1914-2014.
1st November 2014 Well, none of you have been sending me in lists of broken links, so I reckon it must have gone all right.

Today's what I call one of my date-rotation updates, where I publish some of the oldest picture sets from my "PhotoBank", so there's no obvious link between the three new picture sets today, except that they were all made in July 2010 and they finish that month, which at the time of writing happens to be the oldest month of unfinished work. Take a look at what I was doing 4 years, 4 months ago by viewing today's sets on Using my A5000, 486 Podule and my secret stash of Phil Blundell Econet Socket Boxes.
1st October 2014 Here I am again, back on the 1st inst. as is customary, and proud and thankful that we're still one nation, and hopefully will remain so for at least another 300 years.

Just before the last update, I put through a major re-organisation of the website, to reduce the strain on some of the directories which were holding thousands and thousands of files. If it's worked successfully, you won't notice any difference at all! If it hasn't worked so well, you'll be finding loads of broken links!

Today's update is all about the special alternative MOS for Master Series machines, introduced in 1989 - I hope you will click here to learn all about it.
18th September 2014 BeebMaster isn't a political website, but most of my visitors seem to agree that it's a very British website. So it's only right that I show my support for the Union and remind everyone on this day, as always, that I'm backing Britain.

Let's celebrate the last 300 years together and use today to re-affirm our partnership for the next 300 years!
1st September 2014 It's all about the RH Electronics Video Digitiser today, with a new set of pictures of the cheese wedge unit, which you can see here and a set on using the unit to digitise images from a videotape, shown here.

If you haven't been along to the BeebShop for a while, take a look whilst you're here; stock levels for most items are getting pretty low now and it isn't going to be long before I have to call it a day and list any remaining stock on everyone's favourite online bidding site!
1st August 2014 Last month, I went to the penultimate performance of Monty Python Live and I took plenty of pictures to capture the event.

There's a new picture set today on using some of the SJ Research Econet utilities, which you can see here.

My final (yes, really) batch of BBC Model B 8271 Disc Upgrade Kits can now be bought from the BeebShop, so if you need to update your tape-only Beeb, take a look here.
1st July 2014 I've catalogued my cameras to start with for this update, in an expanded and updated section about BeebMaster Picture Quality, which also has new images and information about the DVD recorders I have used over the years to make the BeebMaster screenshots.

Today I have also finished my Master 512 section, with the final stored-up picture set, CPFS Clash, from way back in July 2010. There's nothing more in the can about the Master 512 now, although I do intend to do several more things with it in the future.

At the beginning of May, I was allowed out into the community again to attend Play Blackpool at the Norbreck Castle Hotel in everyone's favourite seaside resort. There are 108 pictures of my experiences at this mega-event here.
1st June 2014 I'm focusing on my Acorn A7000 today, with four picture sets, from June and July 2010, showing Using the A7000, Acorn A7000 help, Acorn A7000 Network Interface Card and using the A7000 NIC.
1st May 2014 Today's my BeebBirthday, and it's always with a sense of dazed amazement that I come to realise that I've notched up another year, eleven in all so far. As ever on these anniversary occasions, I invite you to take a good look around BeebMaster, and if you only do it once a year, do please visit my Non-Acorn Pages. If you've come along for your monthly Beeb fix, that's fine by me, and you can see all about my annual trip to Wakefield last weekend with a picture set from the 2014 Wakefield RISC-OS Show, a close-up look at this year's show loot and in particular a new 32-bit addition to BeebMaster, a RISC-PC.

I'm away to Blackpool tomorrow for another retro binge, so with a bit of luck, I'll report back in June.
6th April 2014 New tax year, but still the same BeebMaster bringing you yet more from my collection: today you can see three new picture sets from my Solidisk BBC Micro.

In case you are wondering where the BeebShop went, I closed down its own separate domain in March 2014, so you will have to retune your aerial to its new home, which is here.

Before I clock in again, I will be off to Wakefield for the annual RISC-OS show, which is taking place on Saturday 26th April 2014 at the Cedar Court Hotel - for all the details, have a look at the show website here.
3rd March 2014 As promised, more on Domesday 2014 - from the problems I'm still having in getting my Domesday System to auto-boot to the Domesday Condensed Font. Still on the Domesday theme is my new (well, it's from October 2010 actually) set replacing the original 2004 images of Navigating around the Community Disc and a look at calculating areas and distances with the Community Disc.
24th February 2014 A bit later than I'd predicted, but I've been busy setting up and photographing the latest incarnation of my Domesday Machine, which is a special setup to mark ten years since I first got the thing off the ground. The first thing I did was some more work on using the small typeface that the Domesday System uses, which you can learn about here and also a set on the extra Sideways RAM I installed for the occasion.

More in March, see you soon!
8th January 2014 I've got round to finishing my set on using the Acorn Atom for the first update of 2014, with the remaining 55 pictures added to the set.

I hope you'll take the opportunity to have a look around some of the other sections of my website, especially today's update to my Monarchy Pages.

Hope to see you in early February for more!

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