What's New 2015

Please see below for 2015 updates to BeebMaster

1st December 2015 Today's offering is on the traditional subject at this time of year, LaserVision:
A blank laser disc, Blackadder The Third disc two side four to be exact.
A CD Video, specifically "The Snowman".
1st November 2015 Here's what I have for you this November:
A new set of pictures of the insides of my original, and dead, MDFS with detailed images of the Parity and SCSI/2 modifications.
For the first time, some pictures of my fourth MDFS main unit.
16th September 2015 Thanks to all who participated in the special BeebShop Longest Reign discount sale - if you missed it, you'll have to be quicker next time; just try to think of the next big Royal milestone coming up and get your electric wallets ready in plenty of time!
9th September 2015 Today's the day Our Queen becomes the longest-reigning British Monarch in history - please take a look at my Monarchy Section here and if you fancy a Royal Discount Sale, visit the BeebShop!
1st September 2015 More 32-bittery to start off today's update:
A further set on the A3000, showing how to connect it up to certain RGB Monitors.
An additional set on using my Acorn A5000.
8 bit kit:
Some stats on my Teletext capture during 2009 and 2010.
Two sets showing my Oldham Overlay Keyboard in person and in use.
And another outing into the community:
A visit to new premises in Bolton for a weekend of Acornery.
1st August 2015 Four picture sets today:
Two sets on my Watford Quest Mouse, one showing the mouse and its original packaging, and a second showing the mouse in use.
A close up look at my Acorn A3000 with RISC OS 2, inside and out, with a second set showing RISC OS 2 being put to use.
1st June 2015 I went out into the community at the end of April, but I didn't have time to bring you the images last month, so here they are for you now.
Saturday 25th April saw the annual RISC OS Show at Wakefield, and I was there for my sixth appearance.
On the way back, something completely new - a visit to the Arcade Club premises in Haslingden.
2nd May 2015
Today's exciting Royal news is celebrated here!
1st May 2015 Happy Birthday to me! Thanks for stopping by on my 12th anniversary. Here's what I've got for you today:
This is my covered Beeb, with its own unique protective casing - click here to take a look at it and here for it in action.
Since it's my birthday, I thought I'd bring you the first pictures of this bit of kit which I've had for 12 years, a Deltronics Video Digitiser.
Another item which predates my website - a Concept Keyboard.
3rd April 2015 It's April, and it's a bank holiday, so if it's not raining where you are, you're not in Britain!
I hope you'll take a look at this one, it's the Beeb that started it all off! Click here to see the Beeb and here to have a look at it working as best it can.
I got this Prestel Adapter at the same time as the 16K Beeb above.
Here's another interesting Beeb from my collection, with a UDM disc interface an Solidisk 32K sideways RAM. I originally put this on up in 2004, but today's update sees a new set of photographs of the machine here as well as a detailed set showing it in use.
1st March 2015 Welcome back, that wasn't so long, was it? Today I'm taking a look at some of my Beebs, carrying on with the pictures I made in April 2010.
This is my "Logo" BBC, which you can see inside and outside here and switched on and functioning here.
Here's a close-up look at a BBC B that came to me very ill, but is now repaired - have a look at the machine itself here and the evidence it's back in good health here.
This is my "Charnwell" Beeb with a special Econet station number setting, available to see here and doing its stuff here.
All being well, I'll be back at the beginning of April with more.
28th February 2015 It's a bit later than I thought, so much so that I've almost missed February completely! This is pretty much a double update with the March update following very close behind!
At the end of January I went to Halifax and you can see the show pictures here.
The most exciting part for me was the building of an Econet-module-on-a-podule which I recorded in detail here.
I came back with a bonanza of items, including HCCS Ultimate Expansion, Winchester Disc Podule, and Ilyama Monitor.
See you in early March - I promise!
1st January 2015 Happy new year! I thought I'd spent 2014 very productively catching up with the PhotoBank, working my way through picture sets from 2010. I was about to start the new year making more progress with July 2010, when upon consulting my PhotoBank database, I realised that I'd discovered in about June 2013 that I'd missed out the picture sets from April 2010, so I added them at that time, at that point! So I'm even more behind than I thought, nearly five years late now! I've also completed the re-organisation I started in September, the final step having been to rename the main pictures directory from GenFiles to Pics. As far as I know, everything works, but let me know you find anything amiss!
Starting today and from April 2010, then, are new pictures of my Challenger BBC B with a second a set showing it in use.
Next today my Watford BBC also coming with a second a set showing it in use.
Whilst you're here, please have a look at my updated BeebStats section, as well as my Acorn-free zone.

See you again in early Feb for more!

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