What's New 2018

Please see below for 2018 updates to BeebMaster

1st December 2018 For the final update of 2018, take a look at these:
A Dave Moore Master 128 with Morley Masterboard. Using the Morley Masterboard.
And now a BBC B with the AmCom NFS. Using the AmCom NFS.
Continuing the Dave Moore theme, a BBC B with Aries B32. AB Electronics BBC Model B.
25th November 2018 A 32nd anniversary isn't normally notable, but as it's a nice computery number I thought I should do something for Domesday 32, so here it is:
A session from August 2013 showing further repair and testing of my 2012 LV-ROM Player. An extensive set trying to communicate with an LV-ROM disc using Acorn ADFS.
11/11/2018 They shall grow not old
As we who are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them
Nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun
And in the morning
We will remember them.
1st November 2018 November's update as follows:
Another Econet BBC B from the Dave Moore Collection. Using Econet Station 037.
AmCom WFS is inside this BBC. Trying to use AmCom WFS.
A brief stop in Cambridge for their Abug gathering of September 2018. An instructive, if a bit laborious, set on copying files between two different Econet file servers.
Keytops. A Master 512 with 1 MB RAM from the Dave Moore Collection.
6th October 2018 Here's what I have for you in October:
Continuing with BASIC through the ages, here's a look at BASIC III. My Teletext multi page grabber from 2012.
An Econet BBC B from the Dave Moore Collection. Using Econet Station 048.
20th September 2018 To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Carry On Sergeant going on general release today, please take a look at my long-neglected Carry On pages.
1st September 2018 Here's this month's offering:
A household disaster from October 2012. A comparison of BASIC I and BASIC II.
Between April and July this year, I have been sourcing, obtaining and assembling a further batch of BBC Model B Econet upgrade kits. I know, I know, in May 2012 I said that was it. In November 2014 I said that was it. Right up to the end of 2017 I kept saying there wouldn't be any more. But people kept asking me, and after seeing the sense of desolation in people's eyes during the 2018 Wakefield Show, I felt duty bound to oblige! I've listed the remaining kits in the July 2018 batch at the BeebShop, along with some old Econet favourites. Start your own Econet today by visiting the BeebShop now!.
3rd August 2018 A Teletext-themed update for August:
The second part of my Teletext rescue marathon from 2012. 3 years after the analogue switch-off in the Granada Region, I could still get some Teletext pages through cable TV.
Come back in early September for exciting news about the BeebShop!
16th June 2018 A little later than anticipated, but please take a look at today's updates:
My tenth consecutive Wakefield show, a couple of months back. Two picture sets showing my A3010 Family Pack.
19th May 2018 An extra update to mark this special day of Royal Wedding Celebration. Please take a look at my full picture set from Her Majesty The Queen's Birthday Parade in 2016, and my special pages for today's Wedding here and here.
1st May 2018 Fifteen years online as of today, but with a bit of a truncated update this month. Never mind, please take a look at it whilst you're here:
Here's a glimpse into my secret hidey-hole of all my kit which can't be accommodated at home! As ever on this anniversary, an appeal to have a look at the latest news and updates in my other sections.
I haven't got as much done as I would have liked, although I have re-arranged the front page a bit, and moved the direct homepage links for some of my less popular sections, putting them under other links remaining on the homepage. It's all still there, in other words, you just might need one more click to reach it.

Please come back in early June for more!
1st April 2018 A hotch-potch for April:
We start off with an update to my collection of BBC Video laserdiscs, with new pictures from the 6000 Series and 7000 Series. The beginnings of my efforts to backup my archive of Teletext pages.
Here's a short set from April 2012 showing a repair attempt for my 2012 VP415. A short set on the penultimate batch of BeebMaster Econet kits.
Fitting a SCSI podule to my Acorn A7000. This set from my most recent outing in January 2018.
I've begun the process of updating my survey of Econet interfaces through the ages here, with picture links on the main index page signifying an update from this point onwards. An Econet user to load ANFS into sideways RAM.
1st March 2018 March brings a close-up look at my Yorkshire TV haul:
This BBC Model B has the LVL DOS disc interface. A BBC B with Torch communicator.
Torch Z80 Disc Pack. A special feature on my favourite set of utilities of all time, the Viglen Utilities Disc.
And the beginnings of the time I had custody of (part of) the Dave Moore Collection:
Dave Moore Collection, shortly after arrival. SJ Research MDFS.
Acorn Winchester 110, plus a further set showing it in use. After all that, time for a nice cup of tea.
5th February 2018 This is the BeebMaster February offering:
Here's a set on getting going with the IEEE 488 Adapter... ...and then trying out some of the commands in the ROM.
This is a special test Laserdisc. And a rather sorry looking, but working, issue 1 Master 128.
1st January 2018 2018 is BeebMaster's 15th year online, and this year's first update is the traditional mix of all things Acorn, and even more:
Here's a set on getting Econet going on an unco-operative A7000. Last September I paid a visit to the Centre For Computing History in Cambridge.
In January 2012, I collected together all my IEEE 488 items and photographed them. Here you can see new sets on my original IEEE488 Adapter, second and third examples, and metal box variety plus Aries B488.
As you root around these pages, I hope you will take the opportunity to visit some of my sections about topics I'm interested in apart from 1980s technology - this year I'm plugging my pages on Tea, with a new set showing my tea station, and also my White & Blue teapots.

For previous updates, please see here.