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Please see below for 2019 updates to BeebMaster

1st December 2019 I decided to save the one remaining instalment of MidWinch till the new year, so we start this final 2019 update by continuing the laserdisc theme from last month:
My second, but dead, Philips VP380. A bit more on the slightly less dead Philips VP380.
Repairing the VP410 3 years after I stole some of its insides. Testing the VP410.
Then some more on using fairly modern SCSI hard discs:
Communicating using Request Sense. Using Unit Attention.
1st November 2019 Still in Europe, still more MidWinch:
Initialising the MidWinch for L3 Econet. New L3 Tube options.
Level 1 File Server with the MidWinch. A look at the disc layout of the MWFS filing system.
November is traditionally Domesday month, so let's have a bit:
Genlock Crystal. Repairing the 2012 VP406.
1st October 2019 I'm still working through the picture sets I made using the Midwich Winnie, and the next four sets start us off for October:
Here's a go at multiple volumes with MidWinch and the Level 2 file server. The official Midwich patch finally does the trick.
CPM mode for the MidWinch. This set shows how MWFS traps ADFS.
And for the remainder of this month's updates, a mixture:
RISC OS Font handling. Remember the Banana Beeb? Remember the hand-made prototype Econet modules? Well, here's what happened when I combined part A with part B.
My second Philips VP406, purchased in 2012. Not long after, it decided to go bang!
A look - with moving pictures no less - at the VP406's status LED. A brief look at a very sad day for Teletext.
1st September 2019 During August 2019, I finally got an automated way of generating HTML pages for my picture sets up-and-running, using my RISC PC 700. It means I can now write a set of captions for the set in a single plain text file, and then process that using BBC BASIC into all the HTML pages for the individual pictures, with captions, as well as the set index page. It's turned making each picture set into a joy and reduced all the faff, which could actually take days or weeks at a time with the constant and repetitive save loop, which is all automated now in a few lines of BASIC. I mean, what are computers for if it's not for automating repetitive tasks? I mean, what are computers for if it's not for automating repetitive tasks?

I wish I'd done it years ago, and without wanting to set myself an unattainable goal, it should mean much bigger monthly updates from now on, as you can see right here with 12 new sets and over 450 new images!

Let's begin with More MidWinch for September:
Before going any further, I decided to back up the utilities disc to floppy. Here's a go at initialising the unformatted MidWinch volumes.
Trying the MidWinch with an 8271 disc controller. Trying to format another disc for use with MWFS.
Getting the disc sorted out with ADFS and UltraForm. The MidWinch supports Level 2 Econet.
I thought that might be enough MidWinch for one month, so here's something quite considerably different, beginning with some existing picture sets with updates:
In 2013 I expanded the BeebVault with a short move, and you can see the updated picture set here. At last, the insides of a Compact Flash Hard Drive.
A continuation of my original picture set on the Acorn A410. A detailed set on using the Oak A410.
One of my most recent BBC Micro acquisitions, the Banana Beeb! A look at using the Banana Beeb.
Please don't forget that there's a wealth of Econet kit available at the BeebShop currently, with a modicum of a possibility of the return of another old favourite soon-ish! See you all in October for more!
1st August 2019 As the great British summer of rains continues, here's a cheery August update:
We start with a nice cup of tea; or rather, a nice teacup and this Tea cottage. A brief look at all of the A3xxx range, represented in the Dave Moore collection.
No Acorn is complete without Econet, and I soon put this right with the A440. After some trouble with the L3 server, I put the A440 to good use with my MDFS.
What's black and blue and red all over? No wait...that isn't right! Anyway, have a look at my Black & Blue bodge for Teletext. I have started a whole new section under Special Features for the Midwich Winchester drive, which is a fascinating bit of kit. The first new set is a general work-out which you can see here.
3rd July 2019 This is how we begin the second half of 2019:
A short set on fixing that souped-up A440. Following by a detailed look at using this very impressive machine.
Using SCSI with the A440. A look at the events of the 2019 Wakefield RISC OS Show.
1st June 2019 Here's this month's new items for you:
A detailed look at programming the CMOS clock on the Master series and beyond. Using Findlib to select the correct Econet Library.
A chock-full Acorn A440 from the Dave Moore collection. Don't forget to make a special trip to the BeebShop for all your Econet needs - while stocks last!
1st May 2019 May Day 2019 is sixteen years online for me! Have a celebratory look round, particularly at these new works of art:
Viewing the Master 512 screen over Econet. Adding even more sideways RAM to a Master 128.
A Midwich Winchester disc drive from the Dave Moore Collection. As always on this annual update, I hope whilst here you will take the opportunity to have a good rummage round my website, including some of my other interest pages.
2nd April 2019 Here's what we have for April:
Using the AB Electronics BBC B. Starting RISC OS.
An update to the Dave Moore Master 512 pages following on from the point where I was perplexed by the plug, and then a full-scale workout for the machine. Let loose again for the weekend, this time in Camberley in January 2019.
4th March 2019 A 32-bit update this month, again drawn from the Dave Moore collection:
An Acorn A3010 with hard drive. Using the A3010.
An Acorn A3020 but with no hard drive. Using the A3020.
1st February 2019 More now of the eclectic Dave Moore collection for this February update:
An Acorn Econet Bridge. A MicroEye video system.
Rack-based Beeb-in-a-box. An Acorn A3000 with Simtec memory upgrade, and a set on using it as well.
1st January 2019 Happy 2019! Here's the first update of the new year:
A rare unmolested BBC Model A from the Dave Moore collection. Using the BBC Model A.
And a 1770 BBC B+. Using the BBC B+.
Copying ROMs on the B+. And using the sideways ROM sockets.
As ever at this time of year, I hope you will take a moment to have a good rummage round BeebMaster and discover some of my non-Acorn related pages. For Econet hunters, a visit to the BeebShop will prove worthwhile as I still have some Econet gear for sale. And if you're quick, you might bag a major bargain on E-Bay.

Please come back in early February for more!

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