BeebMaster - Station 114

Econet Station 114

This picture set shows a new Master 128 being commissioned as Station 114 in March 2009. 114 is a direct replacement for 112 which was killed after I unadvisedly probed about inside it with my multimeter set to Amps. After that, it never worked again so it had to be scrapped.

Station 114 is one of the BeebMaster workhorses, being put to all manner of 8-bit purposes, many of which are recorded in screenshots like the picture set above. For the first two-and-a-half years of its life, it formed part of my "weekend Econet" which was set up at weekends as and when required.

Station 114 remains an ad hoc Econet station, being put to use when I need it, but since my network expansion in December 2011, it connects to the downstairs leg of my Econet and can access my main file server, Station 200.

You'll find Station 114 popping up all over the place, and I hope you will click on the picture links above to learn more about this important machine being brought into service.

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