Station 128
BBC Model B

This is Station 128, the first BBC Model B on my Econet.
Station 128 has an Econet interface fitted.
Station 128 has an 8271 disc interface fitted and the rare Acorn Speech upgrade.
Station 128 has an 8-way DIP Switch fitted to the keyboard links.
This is the Acorn 6502 Second Processor which is permanently connected to Station 128.
Cumana Single 5" floppy disc drive.
Station 128 is connected to a portable television set, which doubles up as my TV when the Beeb is not using it.
Here's a short recording I made in February 2011 of Station 128 using a PC TV tuner card.
Here you can see the archive page for Station 128, from November 2003 to June 2007.
Here you can see the archive page for Station 128, from BeebMaster's beginning in May 2003 until November 2003.

I'm very fond of Station 128 as it set me thinking about Econet once I had discovered that it had the network upgrade fitted. It is an issue 4 machine with a full set of Acorn upgrades inside, as well as a second processor and a bit of sideways RAM. I hope you will click on the picture links above to learn more.

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