UK Teletext transmissions began in 1973 and continued on terrestrial television until 2012, when the last of the analogue transmitters was switched off.

Even today, a small number of cable television channels provide a Teletext service, and many still carry subtitles on page 888, but sadly Ceefax is no more.

The BBC Micro, with its Teletext decoding chip, could download and display broadcast pages of Teletext - and even software transmitted in the Teletext signal - using a special adapter.

This section is all about the BBC Micro and Teletext, and I hope you will click on the picture links below to learn more.

Using Teletext

First Acorn Teletext Adapter (2003 pages)

Acorn Teletext Adapter

Morley Teletext Adapter

Using the Morley Teletext Adapter

Teletext Grabber

British Garden Birds laserdisc Teletext

Teletext Count

Teletext Yorkshire 2011

Teletext Backup

Cable Text


Black & Blue

ATR Gone

Acorn Teletext Adapter

First Acorn Teletext Adapter (2021 pages)

Channel 4 Teletext c.1995

Croatian Teletext in 2017

Super VHS Teletext