My 8-bit Machines

This section is about my 8-bit Acorn machines, with pictures of the hardware and software running on them. Please click on the picture links to learn more about them.

My Atoms

BBC Model B with UDM DDFS

Covered Beeb

BBC Master Compact

Tape Only BBC Model B+

BBC B Special Econet

Acorn System 5

BBC Model B+ with 1770

BBC Master ET

BBC Master 512

Acorn Reuters Board

Acorn System Bits


BBC B+ 128K

BBC Master 128 with Cherry Keyboard

BBC Model B with Symbnet

BBC Master Compact with Mertec Expansion

Solidisk BBC

Opus Challenger

Watford BBC

Logo BBC

Repaired Ill BBC

Charnwell Beeb


Dead 1770 BBC B

Issue 1 Master 128

LVL Beeb

Torch Beeb



Using the BananaBeeb

Banana Beeb Net

Elite - Net

Elite - ADFS

Bob Beeb

Bob Beeb Extras

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