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BeebMaster 10th Anniversary

19th January 2003

20th April 2003

My First

Wakefield Show 2013

Welcome to my 10th anniversary site! In preparation for celebrating a whole decade of BeebMaster in May 2013, I found copies of some of my earliest online offerings in February 2013: the pre-cursor to BeebMaster, "BeebSales", and a pre-launch copy of BeebMaster from April 2003.

Rewinding things a little bit further, you can learn all about my original BBC micro setup from 1991. I've re-created a near replica for 2013, which required buying a fresh US Beeb, and involved rather more tinkering than I'd expected to get as near as possible to how I remembered things in the 1990s!

You can also see a very detailed look at the American version of the Beeb operating system.

On 20th April 2013, I made a birthday appearance at the RISC OS Wakefield show, and you can see what went on at the event. I hope you will click on the picture links above to see how I am celebrating 10 years online!