I've re-opened the BeebShop with a Disc & Econet theme so that you can still get your hands on some old favourites, and some all-new products!
Please take a look at the items currently available at the BeebShop below:

BeebMaster Econet Clock 5" DSDD Floppy Discs Econet Socket Hub Econet Terminator Ribbon Cables BeebMaster Econet Upgrade Kits and Modules Econet Leads and Custom DIN Kits 8271 Disc Upgrade Kit Ordering Information

5" DSDD Floppy Discs
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5" DSDD Floppy Discs

From 25
These are brand new 5" double sided, double density floppy discs, perfect for all your Beebing and gaming needs! The discs are still shrink-wrap sealed in their original 10-packs, with paper sleeves and a page of labels and write protect stickers. If you like, I can open a pack for you and format to ADFS or DFS to save time when they are arrive! Please do take a look here for more information.

BeebMaster Econet Clock
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BeebMaster Econet Clock
It's back! Well, almost, so please keep checking back for more details of the all-new - but more or less exactly the same as the good, old - BeebMaster Econet Clock! Keep refreshing till it appears - let's face it, I need the page hits!

Econet Socket Hub
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Econet Socket Hub

Expansion Sockets:
Introducing the new 6-Station Econet Socket Hub, with 6 DIN sockets for Econet Stations, and 2 expansion sockets for linking Socket Hubs, adding termination and connecting to existing networks. The expansion sockets may be 2 more DIN sockets or 2 RJ45 sockets. Please click here for more information.

Don't forget your Econet leads!

Econet Terminator
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Econet Terminator

Board Type:
The new Econet Terminator is a small PCB with terminating components and a socket for connecting to the 6-Station Hub, or other existing Econet network. The board is avaiable with through-hole or surface-mount termination components, and a DIN or RJ45 socket. Please click here for more information.

Ribbon Cables

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34-way Ribbon Cable

From 5
Cable Length
Back after an absence of quite a few years, you can now get your ribbon cables from BeebMaster again! 34-way ribbon cables are suitable for the floppy disc drive and 1MHz bus ports underneath your Beeb. Choose from the length of cable - or ask for a custom length - and whether you need two female sockets or a male and female for extending an existing cable, or for 5" floppy disc drives, or ST506 Winchester control cables, choose Card Edge connector.

40-way Ribbon Cable

From 6
Cable Length
40-way ribbon cables are suitable for parallel IDE connections or the BBC Tube port Just pick a cable length - or ask for a custom length - and whether you need two female sockets or a male and female for extending an existing cable.

Please note that if using these cables to connect a second processor to a BBC, only a short cable length is guaranteed to work with real 1980s hardware. If you're using a modern re-make, like the Pi Tube Direct system, permitted cable length is longer - I've successfully used a 3ft cable with my own Pi Tube without any problems. Remember as well that you must connect the cable to the Pi adapter, and don't plug the Pi straight into the Beeb!

BeebMaster Econet Interfaces

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BeebMaster Econet Upgrade Kit for BBC Model B
Network ROM:
A new May 2021 batch of 20 Econet kits is now on sale.

Each kit contains:

68B54 Advanced Data Link Controller
LM319 x 2
DNFS 1.20 chip containing NFS 3.60 and DFS 1.20
5 x 14-pin DIL IC sockets
1 x 20-pin DIL IC socket
1 x 28-pin DIL IC socket
1 x 5-pin DIN 180 degree right angled socket
1 x strip of 2x8 jumper pins
7 jumpers
1 x 10uF 10V capacitor
1 x 10nF ceramic capacitor
1 x 2.2nF ceramic capacitor
1 x 8x22K SIL resistor
4 x 10k resistor
4 x 1k resistor
4 x 56k resistor
3 x 1M5 resistor
4 x 100k resistor
1 x 1k5 resistor
1 x Econet station lead

As an optional extra for a small surcharge, a 16K ANFS 4.18 chip can be supplied providing enhanced network facilities in the ROM - please specify using the options above when ordering.
The microchips are supplied in a handy reusable box and the other components are individually packaged for easy identification.

The Econet Upgrade contains over 40 components in total, all needing to be soldered to your BBC Model B motherboard. The upgrade should only be attempted by competent solderers!

The kit comes with a 4-page A5 size printed fitting instructions booklet with a double-sided A4 insert sheet containing two component location diagrams.

Econet Leads and Custom DIN Kits

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Econet Lead

These brand-new Econet leads have moulded DIN plugs and are approximately a yard long. Most important of all, they are correctly wired to work with Econet, unlike some DIN leads you might accidentally pick up!

Buy more and save more with the famous five pack, and now the six pack for use with Econet Socket Hubs, and 8-pack for Hub and Clock!

Custom DIN Lead Kit

Cable Length:
Cable Mount Connectors:
Make your own DIN lead with this kit containing 2 cable mount DIN connectors and high quality dual twisted pair cable with shield. Choose plugs or sockets and the length of cable. Other permutations available on request!

Ideal for making Econet-spec custom DIN cables for use with Econet Socket Hubs.

8271 Disc Upgrade Kit

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8271 Disc Upgrade Kit

After having said never again in 2014, and despite vowing to never say never again, I never thought I ever would, but in 2019 I found I could so I did. What I am talking about? The BeebMaster 8271 disc interface kit of course, back after five-and-quarter long inches...er...years!

Ordering Information & Special Offers

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I had a wonderful time for 13 years sourcing, making and selling all sorts of upgrades and accessories for the BBC Micro and other Acorn Computers, but at the end of 2016 I had to put it all to a stop.

I wish I could give you facts and figures on how many 8271 kits, BBC B Econet upgrades, BeebMaster Econet Clocks, Econet Modules, Sideways RAM modules or Econet leads I've sold since 2003, but I never kept an accurate record.

In April 2018, after insisting (once again) that there would never be any more BBC Model B Econet kits, I began the hunt for parts once again, and by July 2018 I had enough components to put together 30 kits, with a reasonable degree of certainty that I could do more if they all sold. I allowed a bit of time to fulfil some advance orders and to let some early interest come to fruition, and in September 2018, the remaining kits of July 2018 were listed here. I restored listings of the BeebMaster Econet Clock, BeebMaster Module, and in July 2020, listed the brand-new Econet Socket Hubs and Terminators, plus new options for Econet cables, to finally complete the BeebShop Econet hardware offering, until the original production runs of Clocks and Modules sold out.

In 2019 I thought I'd have a go again at another final (yet again) batch of 8271 upgrade kits, and in November they were ready after 5 years away!

2020 has been a bumper year for new ideas, with the Econet Socket Hubs and Terminators, and a supply a 5" floppy discs, and new parts for ribbon cables, but it has also seen the end after a very long run of the BeebMaster Econet Clock.

I'll keep this page here for as long as there is demand for items, and stock available. It could be weeks, months or years - that depends on the 6 billion of you out there; you might also be able to find some BeebShop stock on Sell My Retro here.

Here's a bit of a nostalgic look at some of my bestsellers, the Sideways RAM Module and Disc Power Leads.


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Updated 1st July 2021